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Day Fifty-Nine!

Another take on yesterdays imagery,just like I said yesterday I wanted to play with the composition and depth of the piece. I don’t exactly feel that this piece accomplished any depth but I think that will come with allowing myself more time per image. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

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Day Forty-One

Similar project today as yesterday, acrylic and pen. I love parts of this color combination. As many times as I see the bright green with either a pink or red it never gets old for me. It’s the only color combination I have ever felt attached to. Anyway, I have still been basing my initial shapes off of images from the cape and then altering to a more abstract form. Tomorrow looks like it may be a great day. See you then!

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Day Thirty-six

Night one of the cape trip.I’ll expand on the last post…

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Day Thirty-five

Well well, apparently I enjoyed the painting method last night because here it is again. I’ve noticed I go through like weekly phases, but I never really last very long on one idea. That’s probably my biggest problem I need to concentrate on one thing. It’s funny because although this blog has totally encouraged me to do something every day I feel like it must be something new, which then leads me to a new idea every time.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure to announce something tonight since I won’t be back until hopefully Tuesday night. I am going away for the next few days for what can hopefully be described as a wonderfully inspiring mini vacation. However, since I will be staying outside of my house I wont have access to my computer and although I have an iphone I can not do the blog thing on that it would make me crazy. SO what I am really saying is that as soon as I get back I will be massive posting from the next few days, but there will be no posts for the next few nights. Of course I want you all to know that I will be, for sure, working each and every night on something, I am not slacking. It’s strange but I feel kind of weird not posting, it’s  like I’m breaking rules but then again it is my blog.  I guess I create the rules and a creative vacation with little technology is a decent one. Anyway I hope you enjoy tonight’s work, can’t wait to see what happens over the next few. See you soon!!!

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Day Thirty-Three!

Let’s put things as simply as this, I am so tired I can’t even think of anything to say! Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Thirty-Two

Wow, today was a great day. It was my day off and past the fact that I got to sleep in, the actual day was very inspiring. Once my mother and I had taken Tayto and Gracie to the groomers, we headed to the French Bakery which is  super cute and delicious. After, we went out to the nursery (plants not children) and we were trying to find something to fill the void that the two trees left. I was so sad the other day when we had them taken down but I’m so happy to have two new trees coming! Granted we probably won’t ever see them full-grown but that’s ok I’ll still love them! We must have been at the nursery for like ever (not my doing) but I found it very inspirational and I even took a bunch of photos of different plants. Those pictures were the inspiration for my final piece today, which even my husband commented on (which is a pretty good after me bothering him every night for 31 days saying “look at this one”).  Anyway, I’m happy to say that this image is actually being posted before 10pm and that gives me time to have a date night with the hubby! Could Thai food be in my future? Fingers Crossed. See you tomorrow.

That’s my cutie Tayto with his new haircut. The groomer tried to make him look like the famous Boo from online.

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Day Thirty!!

Wow, another milestone. Like I’ve said before every date seems like a milestone for some reason or another. Today had a lot of prospect but as life typically is situations arose which led to my simple sketch tonight. When I woke this morning I had all intentions of drawing for about 3 hours but my puppy got sick and well I had to bring him to the vet instead. I was being a good mom! Since we had all six puppies in this house like 4 of them have developed some issue whether it be upset stomach or constant sneezing… who knows. What I have learned is that 6 dogs might just be too much but especially when they are going to puppy daycare and being exposed to another 10 dogs. It’s like puppy preschool, EVERYONE gets sick.

Regardless, the image makes me happy, it was totally stress free and I used Jelly roll pens which for those of you who don’t know this, many of them have sparkles so in the right light this looks totally fabulous! Time to hit the hay, another busy day tomorrow. See you next month (OMG another milestone!)

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Day Twenty-six!

This is where the image I started last night ended up. Not too crazy about it but I did really like the addition of the green, before that it just all blended together. After I decided I had enough of that image I went onto another piece which I have only laid the backdrop to down. Excited to work on top of that tomorrow.

As for the day I woke up early and went to a barre class, which for those of you who don’t know what that is, IT IS AWESOME. My favorite workout class, it’s a weird cross between yoga, Pilates and ballet. Fantastic! When I got home I was kind of sad to see them cutting down the two huge trees in our front yard. I know it was necessary, but when you are so used to seeing your home one way it’s hard to accept the change. So instead of focusing on how long it will take a tree to grow to the equal size of the ones we had to remove, I decided to work on the watercolor. That was a good distraction that kept me busy until work. Anyway, gonna go head to bed early start in the morning but up side is hair cut tomorrow! Woo hoo! Alright, see you tomorrow!


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Can you believe that this is officially the start of the fourth week, crazy how quickly the time has been passing. I am amazed that I have produced 21 images not complete or wonderful or anything but 21 images I can call mine that is probably more than I had done all year-long. It is great to see how quickly one can develop and work on ideas if there is a goal in mind or maybe a structure set up. Anyway, I wanted to dabble back into watercolor and again the color aspect throws me through a loop but it like building an image the way I do. It is so nice to just draw intuitively and react to what I have laid down on the paper. I’m so not a planner and actually my best work typically comes at a point when I have let go and don’t care anymore. Imagine the day though when I can work a piece and actually have an idea and like the finished image, wow!

This was my favorite kind of day by the way, completely rainy outside and a wonderful gray overcast sky. Me and Lee went running on the beach which was entertaining, it was so cold, wet (and not because it is the ocean, it was raining) and windy and oddly enough we had a blast.  After we got in it was like heaven, the hot air of the house just relaxed every muscle. Now I’m finishing up my image because I have just discovered an amazing talk show, The Graham Norton Show on BBC america, it is so funny! Anyway, sorry if the image feels incomplete, my mind has jumped onto new things for the day! See you tomorrow.

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Day Twelve

Better late then never, It’s 11pm and I’m sitting on my floor writing this post because the computer is super dead and I am way to tired to wait to post so here I am sitting next to the only open outlet I can access in my room. I tried to get some work done this morning but I ended up going to work at 9:15 and things just didn’t work out before hand. After work, which I will add was super, I came home and went for a rather enjoyable run considering running sometimes makes me want to punch completely innocent bi-standards. Once I was home, for good, I picked up where I had left off this morning and continued. Not my best but I got into it at the end when I started building off the central image. I still think the green form is my favorite aspect, but the loosely drawn circles were the most liberating. After working for the entire day sometimes it is nice to just let go! who knows maybe I’ll go crazy and use charcoal tomorrow! I’ll see you tomorrow.

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