Day Thirty-Two

Wow, today was a great day. It was my day off and past the fact that I got to sleep in, the actual day was very inspiring. Once my mother and I had taken Tayto and Gracie to the groomers, we headed to the French Bakery which is  super cute and delicious. After, we went out to the nursery (plants not children) and we were trying to find something to fill the void that the two trees left. I was so sad the other day when we had them taken down but I’m so happy to have two new trees coming! Granted we probably won’t ever see them full-grown but that’s ok I’ll still love them! We must have been at the nursery for like ever (not my doing) but I found it very inspirational and I even took a bunch of photos of different plants. Those pictures were the inspiration for my final piece today, which even my husband commented on (which is a pretty good after me bothering him every night for 31 days saying “look at this one”).  Anyway, I’m happy to say that this image is actually being posted before 10pm and that gives me time to have a date night with the hubby! Could Thai food be in my future? Fingers Crossed. See you tomorrow.

That’s my cutie Tayto with his new haircut. The groomer tried to make him look like the famous Boo from online.

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2 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Two

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Beautiful painting, super cute doggy. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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