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One Hundred Eighty-One and Eighty-Two!


One Hundred Eighty-One…. First phase of a drawing.

One Hundred Eighty-Two… still in progress.

This drawing sits on my dining room table and I have just been slowly working on the image in the same style I was painting there for a while. Starting with a central image and building. The image always grows so naturally that it looks as if I knew what I wanted to do in the beginning, which is rarely the case! I’m going to start working on a painting soon which I was asked to do for a family member. I think it is going to be a great challenge because it needs to be quite large for the wall that it will be placed on. Also, I’m currently working on the other half of Liam’s tattoo but I refuse to show any images until its completed in on his arm. Opinions on tattoos are WAY too strong!

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