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One Hundred and Sixty-Seven!

So this is the current state of this mask, as you can see the eye is kinda wonky but over all the actual base sculpture came out nice… The face was primed and then I was able to air brush it which was only somewhat successful. The color palate drives me mad but painting with a brush and a gun are a rather different experience. I’m pretty sure you will see a third state of this mask but for now, we must take it as it is! Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Sixty-Six!

Alright so it has not been the most productive past week or so but it is mainly because everything I have been making is just more involved. For instance the piece bellow is a mark I began and it took me three days to get it to its current state still not sure if I love it either…. anyway the pictures bellow are from its development stages, it is created from paper mache and was shaped from tin foil I used directly on my face. This project came after I made a rather lame mask for an employer upon their request and wanted something a bit more interesting in my own opinion. See the next post for what it looked like on Day 3… Enjoy

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