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Three Hundred and Twenty Two!

Another hand. I’m sure people are all set with my hands fascination but unfortunately for you I am not! For me they seem to present themselves every time I get overwhelmed so I guess it is appropriate then. It is always amazing the emotion you can read from a single gesture of one body part. Enjoy and see you next time!



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Day Eighty-Two!

Another Day another carving. It’s funny how once I start working on images that are from relief prints how obsessed I get. Absolutely loving this stamp even if it is a bit simple. Above is an image of the carved stamp itself as well as the print of it with a small flourish of color. I have been working on some greeting cards for an upcoming open studios tour that is happening in July. I always have to have something in a smaller price range that people actually don’t feel bad about buying since it can be used for another purpose. Functional art I guess. On a side note one of my very good friends just got engaged and I wanted to say Congrats to Laura and Lee, I’m so excited for the two of you! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Seventy-Four!

Well even though today was Wednesday and typically Wednesday means my day off for rest and relaxation, I was completely busy all day long. This also means that although I plan for Wednesdays to be a good drawing day today kind of failed. I managed to sketch a tiny bit today in a small it of down time. I actually have nothing against the drawing itself other than it is quite simple and very incomplete, but I guess some days are just like that. Hoping tomorrow brings a bit more rest, working in the evening but theoretically that’s my only true obligation. HA! Anyway, Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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Day Fifty!

Look at that 50 drawings down, only 315 more to go, whats up!! Today I followed yesterdays image style and did something similar. They are nice quick ideas that evolve almost instantly and I love the over all look. With this particular image I liked it a lot more before I added the red but I guess I would never know that if I had not tried it, so I learned that little fact!

Today was an awesome day by the way. I went for a bike ride along the beach with the hubby, then got to celebrate one of my besties (Meagan’s) Bridal shower and meet her fab mom, enjoy a drink with my Hull girlies by the grill and finished off with a walk on the beach. Beautiful Sunday right? No complaints here, it makes for a very inspiring day! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Thirty!!

Wow, another milestone. Like I’ve said before every date seems like a milestone for some reason or another. Today had a lot of prospect but as life typically is situations arose which led to my simple sketch tonight. When I woke this morning I had all intentions of drawing for about 3 hours but my puppy got sick and well I had to bring him to the vet instead. I was being a good mom! Since we had all six puppies in this house like 4 of them have developed some issue whether it be upset stomach or constant sneezing… who knows. What I have learned is that 6 dogs might just be too much but especially when they are going to puppy daycare and being exposed to another 10 dogs. It’s like puppy preschool, EVERYONE gets sick.

Regardless, the image makes me happy, it was totally stress free and I used Jelly roll pens which for those of you who don’t know this, many of them have sparkles so in the right light this looks totally fabulous! Time to hit the hay, another busy day tomorrow. See you next month (OMG another milestone!)

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Day Twenty-Eight!

I don’t love this piece but I had a fun time working on it. Mid way through I got really annoyed with the image so I had my husband just throw a few marks onto the image. He chose a Bright blue which had yet to be introduced into the palate and from there I was trying to integrate it, but I would not consider it successful. I do enjoy some of the layers and marks that were created in response to Liam’s marks. Anyway, it’s Saturday night and well lets just say “YAY, for bottles of wine and fireplaces!” By the way I would like to announce that today marks the end of the fourth week. Onto the fifth now…. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Twenty-four

Today was such a wonderful day. Well, almost amazing minus the whole alarm not going off AGAIN (my Iphone is malfunctioning). I was meeting a friend at the gym at the crack ass of dawn and somehow made it there on time regardless that my alarm never went off. After the gym I went to a coffee shop and just sat back and tried to relax for a while before work. I put on my headphones and started sketching. My “musical” inspirations today consisted of Billie Holiday,  Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Etta James and the Dropkick Murphy’s. Nice little mix before work. I hope that when I finally decide on a gym that I will have these kinds of opportunities more often to just sit back write, draw and listen to everything around me. Anyway, this was what I came up with today, tomorrow is my day off and I’ll be off on some kind of adventure I imagine! Can’t wait to see what is in store. See you tomorrow.

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Lets be honest it is Saturday night and after dinner and drinks I wasn’t feeling the whole drawing thing but look I sat down and did a little something, which is more fun then artistic. I think I literally grabbed every colored pen I could see and just started drawing. Who knows I’m sure that tomorrow, Sunday fun day will be better. See you tomorrow.

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Today is going to be super long and since I know I won’t have energy to do this later I decided to work on my drawing before work. I love the shape although the image is kinda basic. I won’t lie I just don’t have the time to get into detail.  I’m excited for the next few days though nice and “short” days with plenty of time to draw.

For anyone who has been reading these, you are already aware that I have six dogs staying at the house right now and normally when I get home from work I have a chance to sit and clear the head, but for now I have to be with them to try and ware them out since they apparently never run out of energy. Wow that seems like a serious run on.  It is funny though watching these crazy animals, they have such personalities. Alright enough about the dogs I’m gonna start sounding like crazy dog lady, forget cats. Time to go I’ll see you tomorrow!

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