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One Hundred Ninety-Nine!

photo 1

photo 2

So I am out of paper currently, well at least the type I prefer, so I decided to back track through sketches I has started and given up on and morph them into something new. This was the beginning of one of the tattoo ideas I has made for Liam. It never even came close to being done nevermind make the cut so I decided it was the perfect base image. The other bits were added with the intent of having even more added into the image. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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One Hundred and Sixty-One!

Above are two more examples of cards I created for the Endless Summer Event, which I participated in this past weekend. Obviously I am somewhat behind in the postings department believe me I am fully aware and attempting to get my act together now. Anyway, once again I carved a stamp from a design I created and layered it with simple shapes to give it some contrast. I really love this particular stamp and almost wish it were like 10 times as large… IMAGINE! Anyway, below is a picture of my set up at the fair. Enjoy and see you next time!

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One Hundred and Sixty!

Not exactly the usual, but it was what I was doing for a couple of days. What this small little abstract shapes really is, is a thank you card created from a stamp I designed and carved and layered with a second stamp in an alternate color. I do love doing this kind of thing, it gives me time to lets say “breath” when I start getting into some kind of rut… not that I really felt that way but I do like to switch things up and keep my mind moving. ANYWAY, I was creating cards because I participated in Endless Summer which was loads of fun and I had needed some new inventory in the cards department. Whalah! Enjoy.

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One Hundred and Fifty-Nine!

I love these highlight bits… kind of remind me of octopus sucker things but I kind of prefer that they remind me of when fairies touch plants, like in Fantasia! Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Fifty!

Simple elegance, a clean graphite image part of the series below. They are meant to develop from the background. Enjoy and see you next time!

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One Hundred and Forty-Two!

These are much smaller scale studies. It is a combination of trying to work with gouache and also still pushing the pod imagery to see where I might introduce it next. Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Forty!

This image was more of an experimental piece. I would start a shape move to the next return and introduce a new element here and there. I would not consider this my favorite type of finished piece but I do like that it does not seem so static… It feels like a mash of bits from the ocean without a backdrop. Different types of seaweed or organic pieces tangled together. I think the word tangled means a lot to my work. I like weaving things together, almost in a way that would not really make sense but looks interesting. Something new to consider! Enjoy.

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One Hundred and Thirty-Nine!

These images began the day of open studios but my rate of finishing pieces has decreased to like a snail’s pace… I’m sitting and pondering the next move quite a bit which is both good and bad. Anyway I began painting this pod shape which you will see in the next few images since I have become somewhat obsessed. The contrast in this image is to my liking I love the pops of color throughout the image.

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