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One Hundred and Seventy-One!

After the fourth day of painting this image this is where I am. I don’t know how people paint with oils because the idea of not making changes along the way is HORRIFYING! Anyway, for right now I’m loving acrylics although I miss the richness of oils. One day right? I’m happy with the over all set up of the image, its busy but I think once I tone down some areas it wont be a visual explosion merely a wonderful color and shape experience! Below are some detail shots… Enjoy!

little egg forms hiding in the corners

I do love the fan/fin element… I used it in the past and it’s always a visual success, or at least I think so.

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One Hundred Sixty-Eight, Nine and Seventy!

Alright so I have been working on one piece for a little bit recently and it is taking up multiple days. It was totally intimidating because it is the largest acrylic painting I have done since high school which was a while ago. Anyway I’m delighted I am trying this but I was super nervous about posting it before it was completed. It still is not done by any means BUT I have to show you what I have been doing. These are a few pictures of days 168, 169, and 170. The lower right corner was the first day, but unfortunately I did not photograph it at the end of the night so you have to use your imagination, a fearful endeavor I know! Enjoy!

So imagine day one bottom right up to the tips of the yellow cone-ish things that are nested within each other. Day two I added all the components on the left side, even the HORRIBLE lime green, which luckily did not last. Day three was the addition of the blue elements and some tweaking.

details, who doesn’t love a good detail!

After the third day, the green has been retouched, still not exactly where I want it but much better!

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One Hundred and Sixty-Seven!

So this is the current state of this mask, as you can see the eye is kinda wonky but over all the actual base sculpture came out nice… The face was primed and then I was able to air brush it which was only somewhat successful. The color palate drives me mad but painting with a brush and a gun are a rather different experience. I’m pretty sure you will see a third state of this mask but for now, we must take it as it is! Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Sixty-Six!

Alright so it has not been the most productive past week or so but it is mainly because everything I have been making is just more involved. For instance the piece bellow is a mark I began and it took me three days to get it to its current state still not sure if I love it either…. anyway the pictures bellow are from its development stages, it is created from paper mache and was shaped from tin foil I used directly on my face. This project came after I made a rather lame mask for an employer upon their request and wanted something a bit more interesting in my own opinion. See the next post for what it looked like on Day 3… Enjoy

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One Hundred Sixty-Five!

Back to my roots… This image has nothing to do with lack of control, in fact each and every strand of “string” was laid down specifically to energize the space. I am never bored with this imagery… whether you think of it as string of webs I’m obsessed… I could draw carve make these kind of images all the time. No surprise I relapsed. After Endless Summer someone had me thinking about an image title “Essence of a Memory” which is a super favorite of mine. It was a piece created for a folio with a bunch of other artists and in my own opinion a success. Anyway, Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!

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One Hundred and Sixty-Four!

It is funny when you are for whatever reason drawn to an image… this is so basic, such a simple shape and yet I could not find a way, yet, that I can willingly go in and change it. I love the gentle shape and the marks from the watercolor drying in specific pattern to almost make a texture.  Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Sixty-Three!

Working on letting go and breaking through edges. The history is so much a part of this image it starts to take on a new meaning… it is like veils of paint draping over some transparent structure. Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Sixty-Two!

Simple washes used to create shape. This and the following few images were created in a very loose manner attempting to cease complete control of brush marks and edges. Enjoy.

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One Hundred and Sixty!

Not exactly the usual, but it was what I was doing for a couple of days. What this small little abstract shapes really is, is a thank you card created from a stamp I designed and carved and layered with a second stamp in an alternate color. I do love doing this kind of thing, it gives me time to lets say “breath” when I start getting into some kind of rut… not that I really felt that way but I do like to switch things up and keep my mind moving. ANYWAY, I was creating cards because I participated in Endless Summer which was loads of fun and I had needed some new inventory in the cards department. Whalah! Enjoy.

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One Hundred and Fifty-Nine!

I love these highlight bits… kind of remind me of octopus sucker things but I kind of prefer that they remind me of when fairies touch plants, like in Fantasia! Enjoy!

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