About the blog

Welcome to 365days1year.com. My name is Calla Fogarty and I am an artist based out of the Boston Area, working to keep myself engaged in projects even when life attempts to bog me down.

After graduating from Mass Art back in 2011, the realities of life began to push me farther and farther away from the person I had always wanted to be. As the one year anniversary of graduating college approached I decided to start this blog as a way to encourage a healthy and artistic lifestyle.

It all began with a challenge, 1 image a day for a year, 365 days. That is exactly how the name came to be but needless to say as much as I wanted the challenge to be completed in the year, life got in the way. There were both good and bad days but as it is with life things don’t always work the way we intend them to. It has been a couple years and I still have not reached my 365 images mark but luckily I have kept creating for the purpose of this page and myself. In one way or another it’s kept my artistic self alive and well and for that I am always delighted I created this blog.

365Days1Year.com has transformed into an online journal of my current works. I feel responsible for keeping it interesting and fresh which keeps me highly motivated, even on those bad days. I encourage you to sit back and take a gander. Let your eyes explore and be delightfully surprised by the quiet treasures you find along the way. Enjoy and see you around!

P.S. Please note that I am by no means a writer, I am just a girl with a lot of thoughts. So be weary of the grammatical errors and run on sentences they are my favorite!

*All paintings, drawings and images in this blog are copyright protected and are the sole property of the artist. No paintings may be copied, reproduced, or otherwise appropriated without the written consent of Calla Fogarty, the artist.


3 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Desiree Ladd says:

    Break a leg Calla! I LUV this idea and might just have to steal it someday.

  2. You did what? Oh man, big mistake. NEVER Graduate!

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