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Three Hundred and Twelve!

Trying to chug along with this challenge and luckily I finished another image last night. This little fellow was fun to paint but I will admit he looks a bit drunk. Honestly, I don’t mind, I sometimes wish I didn’t aim to create an image so life-like. I’m trying to work through it and just accept the end result as OK. I think It gives it character, it’s our imperfections that make us unique and I feel the same or at least I’m trying to feel the same with my painting! Enjoy and see you next time.


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Two Hundred Sixty-Three!


Its Bambi! not really, but I must say this little deer┬ácame out rather to my liking. I am amazed at how painterly it looks considering I have a strong drawing background. I’ve always been told I draw with a paintbrush but I would say this looks painted not drawn! The one area that bothers me is that the face looks soooooo structured or skeletal, that has to do with the sketch I did prior to the painting as my reference though. Next time I’m drawing less underneath to prevent this outcome.

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Two Hundred Fifty-Six!

The project of the day was portraits of a few of my favorite woodland creatures. this included a Chipmunk, Raccoon, Beaver and Deer. I think its interesting how some took on so much character while others are merely an image of a furry creature. Practive makes perfect right?



The Beaver


The Chipmunk

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Two Hundred Fifty!


Yup, just a deer stopping by to stare you in the face. No Big Deal…

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Two Hundred Forty-Five!


On a completely different note, I started painting these guys one day just kind of out of the blue. You will see if the next few posts that I have been on an animal kick but this really set it off. I want to fill the space but currently this is what I have on this piece and thought I would share.


This little guy might be my favorite, he is so simple and yet captures everything I wanted him too. I really enjoy the texture and color shift in the fur. Anyway, look for the other animals too come and let me know what you think! Enjoy.

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