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Day Eighty-Nine!

Funny day for me, not my typical post at all, but this is what I did yesterday. Also, a friend told me it is good to post things like this because she wants people to know I draw more then rocks. Not that that is all I post about but a lot of things resemble rocks I suppose. Anyway, these were a lot of fun to draw, more like a doodle really. Enjoy and Ill see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty-Eight!

Well that’s a fun number, although it is ridiculously even for me. Normally I am not an even kind of person. It’s like symmetry, it drives me insane. They say that people are drawn to very symmetrical people but I think that would bother me. I mean for example I am happy to say that my face is NOT symmetrical, the main difference that I can see is in my eyes, although it is slight it seems like one is a bit more open and the freckles don’t match… I mean the freckles in my eye not on my face. Anyway, as you can see my images are typically far from symmetrical. There is one thing I would like to conquer or at the very least attempt, to put these in a space or on a surface. They currently appear like objects or icons, strange but iconic. Actually on another note they would be amazing built-in 3D (NEXT PROJECT).  Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty-Seven!

Another late night Thursday posting. I wish I could get into the habit of working on pieces in the morning and posting at a reasonable hour but it just doesn’t seem to be my style. Anyway, back at the acrylics, loving the end results. I’ve had a few comments about the color and the richness which has been kind of nice to hear. On another note, OPEN STUDIOS is creeping up on me. July 8th which is a Sunday I will be showing artwork at my studio in Hull, MA. Please visit for more information. I always love doing open studios, not even because it gives me the opportunity to sell some of my work but really it gives me a deadline and me and deadlines work REALLY well together. Anyway, for any locals out there hope to see you there. Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty-Six!

Another day another post, its amazing to me when I learn that someone who I didn’t expect tells me they read my blog. It’s actually kind of awesome, so thank you! On another note today was bitter-sweet it was the last day at EES for me and although it will relieve some financial burdens it was a bit sad to say goodbye. I just keep saying that eventually when I get my whole life back together I can reapply or maybe even buy my own press, $3000 that’s all!  Also, I decided today that I want a shrink-wrap machine, they are awesome to have when trying to prep for a craft fair or open studios. Not that it is by any means a necessity but I would like one in my future studio! Anyway, about this painting. I loved looking back on all 85 images today when I was organizing them and this just kind of evolved from that a combination of current and older images really. I’m trying to get a grip on acrylic again, haven’t properly used them since like high school which honestly was like 8 years ago now. AHHH! Anyway gotta wrap things up here, watching “21 jump Street” and it is amazing. See you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty-Five!

So a continuation from Day eighty-three, another acrylic growth. Started with a central mark and just allowed it to evolve around that. I added the green to give it another element but I wish I had worked it a bit more. I guess it is all a learning experience. For instance today at work, LEARNING EXPERIENCE, unlike when you work for a major company you are forced to become a jack of all trades with small business. You learn how to be the IT girl while also schooling people on what hair and makeup products will work best for them and cleaning up flash flooding incidents. A whole lot of chaos, but it is making me a much more well-rounded person. A learning experience everyday, in both the art and working world! Haha, lets see what tomorrow brings.

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Day Eighty-Four!

Another doodle today… I am always amazed how happy I am with the result of images drawn with office materials, Sharpies, pens and highlighters. I’ve been obsessed with the shape combinations in these small little drawings. The image is bold and highly contrasted which I love! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty-Three!

Today was a crazy weather day, I feel like we had like 3 seasons all in a matter of hours. After work it was gorgeous so I set out with miss BooBoo (my dog) and the next thing I know the sky is opening up and it is raining like crazy. So me and Boo booked it back to the house just in time for the power to go out. I decided that it was a great time to start painting my image for the day since I wasn’t about to be doing much else. I really like the painting, I just kept watching it grow outwards. I can’t wait to try this again. Anyway Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty-Two!

Another Day another carving. It’s funny how once I start working on images that are from relief prints how obsessed I get. Absolutely loving this stamp even if it is a bit simple. Above is an image of the carved stamp itself as well as the print of it with a small flourish of color. I have been working on some greeting cards for an upcoming open studios tour that is happening in July. I always have to have something in a smaller price range that people actually don’t feel bad about buying since it can be used for another purpose. Functional art I guess. On a side note one of my very good friends just got engaged and I wanted to say Congrats to Laura and Lee, I’m so excited for the two of you! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty-One!

Well tonight I sat and started carving some stamps to use on greeting cards that I am making. The carved image was based on some kind of seaweed debris stuff, which I of course loved! I thought it might be nice to layer the image since the actual object is such a dense layer thing, I may actually need to carve one more shape to throw into the mix. Not sold on the color combo yet but I was just kind of playing it safe and working with final layout. Anyway, I totally enjoyed making this, I haven’t carved something since Christmas so I was WAY over due. I actually started pricing presses again seems like the least expensive table top decent name press I can get is around $3000. Time to start saving my pennies. I only would need to sell like a billion cards! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty!

Woohoo, I love hitting the milestones, although I never really intended 80 to be one of them. I do appologize for posting these at totally random times and stuff but my schedule is mad and I have been doing what I can do. This was a stress reliever, I was super overwhelmed and when I feel that way I always draw webs because I love them. Anyway enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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