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Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight!

Foxes are pretty darn amazing or should I say fantastic. After watching the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox (absolutely worth watching) I naturally decided that I would integrate a fox into my imagery this weekend. If you have ever seen a video about foxes diving for mice under the snow you will understand just how amazing their hunting/hearing skills really are. This image was an attempt at merging the furry critter with my abstract world. Not exactly successful but on the right track. I accidentally made it look like the branches are impaling the fox (not my intention).  Unfortunately this leads down the road of a hunting more than I would ever like to go down. I guess I will have to do a bit more pre-planning on the next piece. Enjoy and see you next time!


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Two Hundred Fifty-Nine!

This is a cropped portion of an image I recently made.


I apologize for not showing the whole image, but unfortunately I’m not ready to. Call me crazy but I am still working on figuring out the rights to my images and throwing copyrights on them. I never really had to worry about it but now I feel more open to these kinds of problems. Regardless I love sharing with everyone and hearing the feedback or seeing that people respond well to the image.

I feel like this gang of animals are going on a trip in their green umbrella to some new adventure and all the time the sly fox is appearing to have questionable motives. So much for a cute and fuzzy story! Enjoy and see you next time.

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Two Hundred Forty-Five!


On a completely different note, I started painting these guys one day just kind of out of the blue. You will see if the next few posts that I have been on an animal kick but this really set it off. I want to fill the space but currently this is what I have on this piece and thought I would share.


This little guy might be my favorite, he is so simple and yet captures everything I wanted him too. I really enjoy the texture and color shift in the fur. Anyway, look for the other animals too come and let me know what you think! Enjoy.

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