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Day Sixty!

Wow! Day sixty, big deal nearly to 65 and at that point there will only be 300 more to go…. I just don’t know. As of right now I have a wonderful stack of images I have created over the last two months and I can only imagine what could be in that pile in 305 more days. Imagine! Anyway, today was a bit of a different approach than the last two days. I honestly just didn’t have as much time but I wanted to just draw a shape using the rocks as my guide. Looking forward to tomorrows drawing. Enjoy!

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Day Fifty-Nine!

Another take on yesterdays imagery,just like I said yesterday I wanted to play with the composition and depth of the piece. I don’t exactly feel that this piece accomplished any depth but I think that will come with allowing myself more time per image. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

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Day Fifty-Eight!

Today’s painting inspired by the rocky shore of Halibut Point. I always love drawing and painting rocks and this was a very fun experience. I hope to do a few more images like this over the next couple days and play with the depth of the space a bit more.


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Day fifty-seven!

Photo I took at Halibut Point…

So I apologize for not getting this up yesterday, but my husband and I took a somewhat spur of the moment overnight adventure to Gloucester and Rockport MA. It was amazing for those who are unfamiliar with the area. I myself had no memory of either place, although I’m sure at sometime during my youth I was there. I’ve always had an obsession with seaside towns and the fishing industry, which is why I always wanted to visit Gloucester. Rockport is an artist hub and there is so much to take in there. We actually didn’t do as much Gallery hopping as I would have liked too but we did get to walk around Halibut Point which was beautiful and the inspiration for yesterdays drawing as well as todays. All I can say is I loved both of these areas and they have given me a new found love for the North Shore, which for anyone who knows me I’m a true South Shore kinda gal. I’ll be going back to do a bit more exploring! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Fifty-six!

Just a simple kinda day and with that a simple kind of painting. Enjoy see you tomorrow!

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Day Fifty-Five!

Well today was a printing day, first time in a while and god with the outcome I had completely believable. Basically, when I was working the plate the aquatint did melt or hold up. Either way the entire plate ended up open biting which I kind of suspected might be happening but it’s totally fine. I brought it home and taped it down and it is currently being watercolored and drawn on top of. The images bellow are a bit different from the normal because although I was working today there was no finished product. According to my rules for what this blog is that is completely fine though. I did include a picture of the open bit state and a glimpse of where it might be going. The plate itself is SO far from done I plan to work it more next week making sure to ensure the stability of the aquatint first! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Fifty-four!

Busy day today even though my work day was short. Tried to spend as much of my morning outside as possible so I brought the puppies on Adventures. I’ve learned that my dogs are out of shape especially Tayto who decided he was tired after the length of 3 houses. Needless to say I guess we need to go on more proper walks. Anyway this image is something I have been working on for a little bit. I don’t really think it is done by any means but it has been such a carefree go to piece when I don’t know what to do with the other images. I do like the bottom half of this a lot. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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Day Fifty-three!

Beautiful day outside and luckily it was my day off which means I  got to enjoy it. I had thought I would spend the day working on drawings and painting but when  I woke up and saw the weather I headed outside. I went for a long bike ride and took a break laying in the sunshine on the sea wall. When I got back I started painting and although I did enjoy this image im getting bored a bit I need to go start looking for some inspiration. On this image the part that I like the best are the brown marker bits which were a last thought. It added something new to the image that I haven’t done yet really giving a more descriptive finish to the surface of the object rather than just volume and depth. Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Fifty-two!

Busy day today and although I had big plans to sit in a cafe and draw today, missing clothing and cut fingers made that a bit more difficult. Lets just say that by 10 am this morning I was already set for bed, never mind the entire day to follow. Anyway this was a complete free for all. A bit of a combination of drawing and painting. It felt really liberating and I think that the freedom of the work is very visible. It is far from what I would consider a completed work but I am very excited about the pencil lines showing though all over the place. Anyway, enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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Day Fifty-One

This day had a good vibe to it. I got to have some me time this morning before work and even though I collected all of my work from the South Shore Art Center today I was surprisingly ok with the fact that I wasn’t going to have a piece in the show. After I had some time to go and sit at Starbucks and work on a drawing which is what you see on the screen. While there I ran into my old yoga instructor, Joy, who is such an amazing person and we had a nice little chat. I love when things like that happen and unexpected meeting and what not. Anyway, I was happy to work on the image this morning and once I was home I just messed with it a bit more. Onto the next one, see you tomorrow!

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