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Day Twenty-nine!


Today is a basic image kind of day. Started my drawing when I woke up because in all honesty if I didn’t do it then, then it wasn’t going to happen. I’m at the Source today and after work there will of course be drinks with my girls from up this way. That in itself  means nothing productive will happen after. Anyway, everyday is its own thing and all I ask from each day is to get into a drawing even if it is only for a short while. So enjoy and I apologize for the horrible photograph my iphone is malfunctioning. Silly thing! See you tomorrow!

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Day Twenty-Eight!

I don’t love this piece but I had a fun time working on it. Mid way through I got really annoyed with the image so I had my husband just throw a few marks onto the image. He chose a Bright blue which had yet to be introduced into the palate and from there I was trying to integrate it, but I would not consider it successful. I do enjoy some of the layers and marks that were created in response to Liam’s marks. Anyway, it’s Saturday night and well lets just say “YAY, for bottles of wine and fireplaces!” By the way I would like to announce that today marks the end of the fourth week. Onto the fifth now…. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Twenty-Seven!!!

Today was a successful day, worked in the early part of the day, got my hair cut by Karen!, bought some new bits from J Crew and when I got home I  started painting. This was the piece that I had started the background of yesterday and tonight I added a lot more to the image. I love when I can just keep building off a base element. Also, I heard back from the Hull Artist Group and got the ok for open studios and membership, which was kind of exciting! Small hurdles right! I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Twenty-six!

This is where the image I started last night ended up. Not too crazy about it but I did really like the addition of the green, before that it just all blended together. After I decided I had enough of that image I went onto another piece which I have only laid the backdrop to down. Excited to work on top of that tomorrow.

As for the day I woke up early and went to a barre class, which for those of you who don’t know what that is, IT IS AWESOME. My favorite workout class, it’s a weird cross between yoga, Pilates and ballet. Fantastic! When I got home I was kind of sad to see them cutting down the two huge trees in our front yard. I know it was necessary, but when you are so used to seeing your home one way it’s hard to accept the change. So instead of focusing on how long it will take a tree to grow to the equal size of the ones we had to remove, I decided to work on the watercolor. That was a good distraction that kept me busy until work. Anyway, gonna go head to bed early start in the morning but up side is hair cut tomorrow! Woo hoo! Alright, see you tomorrow!


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Day Twenty-five!

Today was a sort of adventure, it started super early considering it was my day off, but I am trying to get my act together. I was working on getting everything submitted for Open studios, which I will post more about when I finally get the A.O.K from the Big honchos! As for now it is the image selections (and the resizing with the help of a good friend), applications and artists statements and bios. It always takes me forever, I don’t want to sound like a posh big-headed artists nor do I want to sound like a recent college graduate. Oh well we shall have to see how they like it! After that me and the pup went on an adventure to the vets and on the way back we stopped by The Source to see some of my besties who I have not seen in far too long. When I got home I set out to figure out which bicycle was in good enough shape to ride, adjust it the best I know how and went out. It was wonderful, minus the rather uncomfortable seat. The sun was shining but the clouds were dark and stormy. It is that perfect light, when everything is illuminated. I’ve always loved that! Once I was finally home I sat out to start my image  but well Lee came home and we headed out. Once I got back this was what I did…

As you can see I did not finished, I was distraced by dinner with the hubby, which is a great distraction. I will finish this tomorrow though. See you then!

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Day Twenty-four

Today was such a wonderful day. Well, almost amazing minus the whole alarm not going off AGAIN (my Iphone is malfunctioning). I was meeting a friend at the gym at the crack ass of dawn and somehow made it there on time regardless that my alarm never went off. After the gym I went to a coffee shop and just sat back and tried to relax for a while before work. I put on my headphones and started sketching. My “musical” inspirations today consisted of Billie Holiday,  Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Etta James and the Dropkick Murphy’s. Nice little mix before work. I hope that when I finally decide on a gym that I will have these kinds of opportunities more often to just sit back write, draw and listen to everything around me. Anyway, this was what I came up with today, tomorrow is my day off and I’ll be off on some kind of adventure I imagine! Can’t wait to see what is in store. See you tomorrow.

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Day Twenty-three

I can tell you that when I got home from work all I wanted to do was sleep, but I was super excited to see my sister and her family who arrived back from Florida today! We had been watching their two puppies so once they headed home tonight we were down to four dogs, that’s nothing once you have had six puppies! Anyway I worked from 10 to 8 today and started drawing around 9:30… I needed to finish something rather quickly mainly because I am meeting a friend at 6:45 in the morning to go to the gym and let’s be honest who REALLY wants to wake up at like 5:45am to get out of the house in time to go to the gym. I honestly am excited to get my workout in early but the sooner I head to bed the better. As for drawing, I was delighted to have worked on something today. I also filled out my application for Open Studios, which is always a good time. Now to get some of my finished works framed! EXCITING! Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Can you believe that this is officially the start of the fourth week, crazy how quickly the time has been passing. I am amazed that I have produced 21 images not complete or wonderful or anything but 21 images I can call mine that is probably more than I had done all year-long. It is great to see how quickly one can develop and work on ideas if there is a goal in mind or maybe a structure set up. Anyway, I wanted to dabble back into watercolor and again the color aspect throws me through a loop but it like building an image the way I do. It is so nice to just draw intuitively and react to what I have laid down on the paper. I’m so not a planner and actually my best work typically comes at a point when I have let go and don’t care anymore. Imagine the day though when I can work a piece and actually have an idea and like the finished image, wow!

This was my favorite kind of day by the way, completely rainy outside and a wonderful gray overcast sky. Me and Lee went running on the beach which was entertaining, it was so cold, wet (and not because it is the ocean, it was raining) and windy and oddly enough we had a blast.  After we got in it was like heaven, the hot air of the house just relaxed every muscle. Now I’m finishing up my image because I have just discovered an amazing talk show, The Graham Norton Show on BBC america, it is so funny! Anyway, sorry if the image feels incomplete, my mind has jumped onto new things for the day! See you tomorrow.

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Lets be honest it is Saturday night and after dinner and drinks I wasn’t feeling the whole drawing thing but look I sat down and did a little something, which is more fun then artistic. I think I literally grabbed every colored pen I could see and just started drawing. Who knows I’m sure that tomorrow, Sunday fun day will be better. See you tomorrow.

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feels like a milestone today! Funny how since I started this challenge every day seems like a milestone for its own particular reason whether it be the  actual numerical day or because I am shocked that I actually got something posted! Regardless, I am happy with what I have been doing. Today’s post is coming a bit late but better late than never. I spent the day working, then a wonderful 3.5 mile walk/talk with a very good friend followed by some cooking, Shepard’s Pie to be precise, a big hit in the Fogarty household! Anyway, today’s image was a layering process for me I started with one base shape and kept building from there. What it did make me realize is that I think I want to try this concept in color so watercolor here I come… Could tomorrow bare color, the world may never know…. until DAY TWENTY ONE!

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