Can you believe that this is officially the start of the fourth week, crazy how quickly the time has been passing. I am amazed that I have produced 21 images not complete or wonderful or anything but 21 images I can call mine that is probably more than I had done all year-long. It is great to see how quickly one can develop and work on ideas if there is a goal in mind or maybe a structure set up. Anyway, I wanted to dabble back into watercolor and again the color aspect throws me through a loop but it like building an image the way I do. It is so nice to just draw intuitively and react to what I have laid down on the paper. I’m so not a planner and actually my best work typically comes at a point when I have let go and don’t care anymore. Imagine the day though when I can work a piece and actually have an idea and like the finished image, wow!

This was my favorite kind of day by the way, completely rainy outside and a wonderful gray overcast sky. Me and Lee went running on the beach which was entertaining, it was so cold, wet (and not because it is the ocean, it was raining) and windy and oddly enough we had a blast.  After we got in it was like heaven, the hot air of the house just relaxed every muscle. Now I’m finishing up my image because I have just discovered an amazing talk show, The Graham Norton Show on BBC america, it is so funny! Anyway, sorry if the image feels incomplete, my mind has jumped onto new things for the day! See you tomorrow.

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One thought on “DAY TWENTY TWO!

  1. Loved this one a lot.

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