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Two Hundred Ninety-Five!

For those of you that are not aware, New England has had an astronomical amount of snow, 6 feet in two weeks to be exact. Having grown up here I consider myself a true New Englander but this would test a lot of people. I will say that I have had more snow days in the past two weeks than ever before in a season granted if we were to really get into it, I just work for a better company now that seems to understand that my job is not worth risking my life. Thank you current employer! Anyway, this image started with a rant about snow which quickly developed into something else. In the process of clearing out my house of snow I have started sculpting the snow into unnatural shapes but there is something about the idea of taking what is natural and tweaking it a bit to make you stop and question whether it could actually have occurred naturally or had a helping hand. I always think back to playing at the beach or in the woods where out of human habit we pile things up or lay things down. After a while it become part of the surroundings but there is still an unnatural quality to it. Enough. Enjoy and see you next time.

295 full image


Full Version Two Hundred Ninety Five

295 cropped


Cropped version Two Hundred Ninety Five

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Two Hundred and Ninety One!

Let’s revert back to the tree like imagery once again…. Not a fan but I am trying to just go with the challenge and not edit what I post. Based partly on the view from my back window, which currently comprises of snow mounds 4 feet high and the tops of fences and shrubbery peaking out from behind it. I will say that I was able to integrate some thoughts which always feels good. I love journaling and this is a way for me to integrate that idea into my works. Enjoy and see you next time!



Full Image Two Hundred and Ninety-One


Cropped Version Two Hundred and Ninety-One


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Two Hundred Seventy Four!

photo 1

Tonight’s image started as something entirely different about a month ago and I used that under-painting to help develop the final image. I suppose its really just a study of shape and color. I do enjoy the piece but it feels like a piece of a complete image maybe due to its size or elongated shape. Either way Enjoy and See you next time.

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Two Hundred Seventy-Two!

photo 4

This was an image I finished last night. My heads been crazy recently so I decided to dive into a piece and not stop until I felt it was done. I started Friday night with a basic wash on the paper. I had been cleaning my cubicle at work and saw my notes page and thought it was actually very inspiring. It was lists and doodles which I then worked over with white out and highlighted or scratched out the remaining items on the page. I know it was never meant to be anything but it really flipped a switch in my head. It was like documentation but then the need to hide the information. On Friday night I worked on this image for ages just working off the last line I laid down. In the morning I continued going back in with Gesso to hide some items I felt did not work. By Sunday night I was done. I couldn’t see anywhere I needed to work on. I’ve already moved onto the second piece….. Enjoy and see you next time.

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Two Hundred Seventy!

A few random bird sketches. These were never meant to be more than what they are but I was just messing around and decided birds would be the topic of choice for a few. In all fairness these are not super new, but summer has been so crazy busy and I haven’t had time to really dedicate any time to this page. I’m feeling rather inspired after finally completing one major summer project, a surprise 65th I hosted for my mom! It was lovely and she was completely taken by surprise, Ill add a link soon to see some of the details. Enjoy and see you next time!




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Two Hundred Forty-Eight!


So I may have just realized that the last few images have all been rabbit related. I swear that was not intentional, I imagine there is some quality I like about them that makes me want to draw them. Regardless this here rabbit is well a bit more “trippy” I suppose than the others. Welcome to my life, one minute I’m right there with the rest of the world, feet firmly planted on the ground and the next… floating away! On that note, I’m drug free, each to there own but I guess I don’t need them. Enjoy

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Two Hundred Forty-Four!


So not my favorite image but its pretty bold. I was cleaning one day at the shop (Limerick Collision) and came across this great sticker for eye protection. The original image was way larger so I just cut this guys face off and started to draw around him. My contribution was minimal but it was still fun and without my contribution would just be a blue face with sun glasses. Anyway enjoy and see you next time.

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Two Hundred Forty


Second post with an owl and there is a reason behind it but I’m not in the mood to tell anyone about it yet. In a way it bothers me that owls are so popular these days because they have always had a special place in my heart. Now when I mention it people assume I like them because its a fad, not the reason at all. I love the position that this owl is in, it shows its strength and all its beauty in the same image. Enjoy!

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Two Hundred Thirty-Nine


Another day another drawing and a complete shamble of images. A brief recap would tell you that you will find a lion, a ladder, a bow, a worm, an owl, a heart, and a mother banner in this image. Sounds like a pretty typical combination to me. Some of the items are actually things that I am working on for other projects, but the rest are just fillers. Enjoy and see you next time.

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Two Hundred Thirty-Five

Not my typical imagery, but needless to say it happened. I’m not exaclty sure what I was going for in this image either considering the sky appears to be on fire, maybe post apocolypse? If so I hope I live in a cozy cottage like this when it all goes down. I do know this happened after going to a tiny B&B in Ireland which was nestled between two “mountains” also know as large hills, not covered in trees but sheep instead. Oddly enough my experience there was rather good minus the grumpy woman who yelled at me to come down to breakfast…. doesn’t she understand we were on vacation, sleeping in from the previous nights festivities? Enjoy and see you next time.


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