Day Twelve

Better late then never, It’s 11pm and I’m sitting on my floor writing this post because the computer is super dead and I am way to tired to wait to post so here I am sitting next to the only open outlet I can access in my room. I tried to get some work done this morning but I ended up going to work at 9:15 and things just didn’t work out before hand. After work, which I will add was super, I came home and went for a rather enjoyable run considering running sometimes makes me want to punch completely innocent bi-standards. Once I was home, for good, I picked up where I had left off this morning and continued. Not my best but I got into it at the end when I started building off the central image. I still think the green form is my favorite aspect, but the loosely drawn circles were the most liberating. After working for the entire day sometimes it is nice to just let go! who knows maybe I’ll go crazy and use charcoal tomorrow! I’ll see you tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Day Twelve

  1. nevaknott says:

    Hi, I just joined WordPress, and yours is one of the blogs that immediately intrigued me! I started keeping a nature field sketch journal awhile back, got really into it last summer, and might now be inspired to try some watercolor.

    And, I totally get what you’re saying about work and the world dragging us away from creative stuff. You seem to be rockin’ it, though.

    • callagrace says:

      Welcome to WordPress, this is a great site to stumble upon amazing things and thanks for the support. It’s been good so far, I’ve been really inspired even just by the idea of having a deadline everyday so hopefully like 6 months out from now I’ll have the same drive!

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