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Not quite 3 x 3 but who is really paying that much attention?

It’s Tayto!  Looking quite dapper if I don’t say so myself and he is Blue. Tayto has a way of staring uncontrollably at a person to the point of awkwardness. Luckily, being that he is a dog its not quite as weird as if the human next to you stared for a solid 5 minutes. Imagine how strange that would be.


Anyway, he was just sitting so still I decided to sketch him out. Naturally I had a highlighter near by so he became a blue Pomeranian. After sketching Tayto I felt as if he needed a little something, a chair, a pillow, maybe a thrown if he had his way. He acts pretty entitled like a Royal might, really he is just a moody little thing but I love him all the same.

Enjoy and see you next time!

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Day Thirty-six

Night one of the cape trip.I’ll expand on the last post…

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Day Thirty-four!

Nice and relaxing painting session after a crazy hectic day. Worked in the morning and then had to head up to Hyde park to clean the print shop (not the most exciting task). It is funny to have to drive 2.5 hours to clean for 1, doesn’t make much sense, but when I was at the shop and thought about doing some printing I realized I had taken my inks to the house. I must admit on my drive home I was loving the gloomy foggy weather and it kind of inspired the mood of this image. This is my favorite kind of weather specially for walking in, which is what I hope to do very soon! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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Day Thirty-Two

Wow, today was a great day. It was my day off and past the fact that I got to sleep in, the actual day was very inspiring. Once my mother and I had taken Tayto and Gracie to the groomers, we headed to the French Bakery which is  super cute and delicious. After, we went out to the nursery (plants not children) and we were trying to find something to fill the void that the two trees left. I was so sad the other day when we had them taken down but I’m so happy to have two new trees coming! Granted we probably won’t ever see them full-grown but that’s ok I’ll still love them! We must have been at the nursery for like ever (not my doing) but I found it very inspirational and I even took a bunch of photos of different plants. Those pictures were the inspiration for my final piece today, which even my husband commented on (which is a pretty good after me bothering him every night for 31 days saying “look at this one”).  Anyway, I’m happy to say that this image is actually being posted before 10pm and that gives me time to have a date night with the hubby! Could Thai food be in my future? Fingers Crossed. See you tomorrow.

That’s my cutie Tayto with his new haircut. The groomer tried to make him look like the famous Boo from online.

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Can you believe that this is officially the start of the fourth week, crazy how quickly the time has been passing. I am amazed that I have produced 21 images not complete or wonderful or anything but 21 images I can call mine that is probably more than I had done all year-long. It is great to see how quickly one can develop and work on ideas if there is a goal in mind or maybe a structure set up. Anyway, I wanted to dabble back into watercolor and again the color aspect throws me through a loop but it like building an image the way I do. It is so nice to just draw intuitively and react to what I have laid down on the paper. I’m so not a planner and actually my best work typically comes at a point when I have let go and don’t care anymore. Imagine the day though when I can work a piece and actually have an idea and like the finished image, wow!

This was my favorite kind of day by the way, completely rainy outside and a wonderful gray overcast sky. Me and Lee went running on the beach which was entertaining, it was so cold, wet (and not because it is the ocean, it was raining) and windy and oddly enough we had a blast.  After we got in it was like heaven, the hot air of the house just relaxed every muscle. Now I’m finishing up my image because I have just discovered an amazing talk show, The Graham Norton Show on BBC america, it is so funny! Anyway, sorry if the image feels incomplete, my mind has jumped onto new things for the day! See you tomorrow.

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I loved this day! I woke up early on my day off, which I know is insane because I always want to sleep in and never do, but I got up, made my cup of tea and started painting. I was working from a sketch I did yesterday and decided to work on it further. I’ve always loved working with watercolors just because I love the way the media works, it’s different from other painting mediums like acrylics or oil. To me it feels a bit more free, but I know that is completely a personal opinion. I think I might continue with these images tomorrow.

As for the day it was a combination of early morning creative thoughts an afternoon or some intense working out and a dentist appointment and an evening of family time. You really can’t complain about a day like this. Now for anyone who is reading and going “shut up already, I don’t want to listen to your perfect day” well you’re in luck this is a rare fantastic day, but for JUST that reason I need to sit back and dwell on it for a bit.

I would like to add that today while painting and merely using my abstract image as reference my mother pointed out that the first image resembles a fish. This drives me crazy since it is now the only thing I see when I look at it but I am curious to hear what others think of the image, so if you have a moment please let me know. I always love some feedback and as these are merely works in progress there is always room for improvement. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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