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Two Hundred Sixty-Seven!



The Winner!

Above is the image that was decided on for the final Baby Shower Invitation for my wonderful friend Colleen. I have to say I have a soft spot for my little critter on the left here. He looks awfully cute! The baby shower has since come and gone which is another reason I finally feel comfortable posting these images. It was very well received and luckily helped trigger a body of work for me! The combination of the soft furry surface in contrast with the graphic patterns of the teacups was a great item to play around with. Enjoy.

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Two Hundred Fifty-Six!

The project of the day was portraits of a few of my favorite woodland creatures. this included a Chipmunk, Raccoon, Beaver and Deer. I think its interesting how some took on so much character while others are merely an image of a furry creature. Practive makes perfect right?



The Beaver


The Chipmunk

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