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One Hundred and Thirteen!

First Day of vacation and so far so good, this was the first of the group. It actually had no real reference from my surroundings but the whole situation this morning was so relaxing it just was inspired. Anyway, were off again. Enjoy see you tomorrow!

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Day One Hundred and Twelve!

I love this piece, I worked on it all night off and on and it was so enjoyable. The colors kind of excite me its a new combination of colors. Anyway, Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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Day One Hundred and Ten!

Today was a great art day, Technically I had the day off minus a short-lived meeting this morning. It was great really I had the opportunity to do loads of things that I have meaning to work on including a wall painting at the house. I finally started. I painted the first of many parts to a whole. It is completely impulsive with almost no planning which I love and luckily Mama dukes doesn’t mind a bit. Anyway, while waiting for layers of paint to dry I began a series of low stress very free wash drawings and this was the first one that I completed. These types of images always have such a freedom to them. Mistakes are completely acceptable and when things work out just right its like nature intended it to, since I barely think when I get into these. Anyway, Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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Day One Hundred and Nine!

I debated on whether to add more to this or not, but I have come to the conclusion that I will just do a second version that can be developed a bit more. The open spaces and light washes are something that I really enjoy. Time to head to the beach though… see you tomorrow!

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One Hundred and Eight!

I’ve been doing a series of images that are very carefree and I like what happens with that. The marks seem less planned and it is a completely reactive method once the initial wash is laid down. It is fun to see the layers develop after a while. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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Day One Hundred and Seven!

It’s funny this image drove me crazy when I was working on it, but seeing the image of it on-screen makes me like it better. This piece was all about layers, laying down one level and building off of that. Really just playing with the way that the shapes intertwine. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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One Hundred and Six!

It is quite a small image but I loved working on it. Maybe it makes more sense to work smaller when your on a very tight deadline. See you tomorrow!

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Day One Hundred and Four!

These next few images seem a bit underdeveloped but I feel as if I need to stop focusing so much because I am becoming way to overwhelmed. I haven’t been as committed to the images probably because I was so caught up in the hunger games but luckily I’ve finished the books. It is sad kinda, the series was so good. Any book suggestions? Anyway, what that also means is that I’ll have some free time at night to paint again! I always like the contrast of watercolor washes against a pen line. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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