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Day Eighty-Four!

Another doodle today… I am always amazed how happy I am with the result of images drawn with office materials, Sharpies, pens and highlighters. I’ve been obsessed with the shape combinations in these small little drawings. The image is bold and highly contrasted which I love! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighty!

Woohoo, I love hitting the milestones, although I never really intended 80 to be one of them. I do appologize for posting these at totally random times and stuff but my schedule is mad and I have been doing what I can do. This was a stress reliever, I was super overwhelmed and when I feel that way I always draw webs because I love them. Anyway enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Forty-One

Similar project today as yesterday, acrylic and pen. I love parts of this color combination. As many times as I see the bright green with either a pink or red it never gets old for me. It’s the only color combination I have ever felt attached to. Anyway, I have still been basing my initial shapes off of images from the cape and then altering to a more abstract form. Tomorrow looks like it may be a great day. See you then!

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Day Thirty!!

Wow, another milestone. Like I’ve said before every date seems like a milestone for some reason or another. Today had a lot of prospect but as life typically is situations arose which led to my simple sketch tonight. When I woke this morning I had all intentions of drawing for about 3 hours but my puppy got sick and well I had to bring him to the vet instead. I was being a good mom! Since we had all six puppies in this house like 4 of them have developed some issue whether it be upset stomach or constant sneezing… who knows. What I have learned is that 6 dogs might just be too much but especially when they are going to puppy daycare and being exposed to another 10 dogs. It’s like puppy preschool, EVERYONE gets sick.

Regardless, the image makes me happy, it was totally stress free and I used Jelly roll pens which for those of you who don’t know this, many of them have sparkles so in the right light this looks totally fabulous! Time to hit the hay, another busy day tomorrow. See you next month (OMG another milestone!)

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