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Two Hundred Seventy-Seven!

series 365 - 277



This image is a bit busy, but it had to be done. It was one of those days when you see that an image could be quiet and calm but everything going on around you says you screams chaos. The image feels impulsive and incomplete but there are elements I love. As you travel through this piece you experience different moments and emotions. I encourage you to explore and please let me know thoughts. Enjoy and see you next time.

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Two Hundred Thirty

Look at that another milestone or should I say a round number. Never thought I would paint tonight, I have been tired for days and of course that’s when I feel like painting. Plus my husband dragged me to the gym tonight, which I’m now happy he did but originally I could think of like 57 other things I would rather be doing. Needless to say an hour at the gym made for a great state of mind and a new found energy. Oh and I tried the Jacobs ladder thing at the gym… its amazing. The image below began as a pencil drawing of a cropped section of a messy blanket and well it took a turn into my imagination by the end, no surprise there. I’m very content with it since there was no major stress and I like that it doesn’t feel as tight or constricted as some of my other work. Anyway, it is officially time for me to retire to my bed so goodnight and enjoy. See you next time.

photo 1

Funny how your mind imagines what else this might be…. what do you see?

photo 2

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One Hundred Ninety-Six

photo 2

photo 3

Late night drawing sessions just seems to work out best for me right now although my sleeping patterns are becoming non-existent. Regardless I am happy to say I feel like I might be back into my drawings which is huge for me. For anyone who follows this I will probably be trying to mass produce to get caught up for the at least month and a half that I was completely slacking.

I love this current graphite drawing, I am working on an additive and subtractive method to try an imitate a more painterly style of drawing… we will just have to see how this progresses!

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One Hundred Ninety-One and Ninety-Two….

This is different stages of the same image, it still is not entirely complete but it is moving in the general direction. What is interesting is that I had originally seen this image from a completely different orientation and as of right now I’ve basically flipped that. Interesting how that happens! Anyway Enjoy  and I’ll see you next time.

photo 1

One Hundred and Ninety-Two, full view

photo 2

One Hundred Ninety-Two, close up flipped

photo 3

One Hundred Ninety-One, close up

photo 1

One Hundred Ninety-One, Full view

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One Hundred Eighty-Nine and Ninety!

photo 1

One Hundred Eighty-Nine, full view

photo 2

One Hundred Eighty-Nine, close up rotated

photo 3

One Hundred Ninety, full view

photo 4

One Hundred Ninety, close up

It’s amazing to see myself make two postings in a weeks time…. I will same I’m somewhat impressed with myself. These came about the other night after walking the dogs at night. It’s kind of fun to look at shapes at night since things appear so unclear and your mind fills in the gaps. Now I’ll admit most of my inspiration comes from trees and rocks but it’s also the atmosphere at night, a little unsettling but very natural. Anyway, enjoy and see you next time!

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One Hundred Seventy-Eight, Seventy-Nine, Eighty!

So as some of you might already know, I have SO not been posting and this is due to two separate factors. One and the most influential has been moving house and two has been a lack of time management. Now that we have been settled for a couple of weeks now I’m hoping to get back into some kind of schedule since that seems to be such a competing factor with producing artwork. This weekend, Lee and I took off down to Hull so he could do some repairs while I took some time to regroup. The following three images are by far not more normal type of imagery, but I was kind of just drawing what I wanted. Halloween is around the corner and I think that was influential as well as Miss. Gracie’s surgery. The result is Miss Gracie wearing a ridiculous donut around her head which I of course interpreted it as one of those clown collar things. Enjoy, and I’ll see you next time.

One Hundred Seventy-Eight

One Hundred Seventy-Nine!

One Hundred Eighty!

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One Hundred and Seventy-One!

After the fourth day of painting this image this is where I am. I don’t know how people paint with oils because the idea of not making changes along the way is HORRIFYING! Anyway, for right now I’m loving acrylics although I miss the richness of oils. One day right? I’m happy with the over all set up of the image, its busy but I think once I tone down some areas it wont be a visual explosion merely a wonderful color and shape experience! Below are some detail shots… Enjoy!

little egg forms hiding in the corners

I do love the fan/fin element… I used it in the past and it’s always a visual success, or at least I think so.

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One Hundred Sixty-Five!

Back to my roots… This image has nothing to do with lack of control, in fact each and every strand of “string” was laid down specifically to energize the space. I am never bored with this imagery… whether you think of it as string of webs I’m obsessed… I could draw carve make these kind of images all the time. No surprise I relapsed. After Endless Summer someone had me thinking about an image title “Essence of a Memory” which is a super favorite of mine. It was a piece created for a folio with a bunch of other artists and in my own opinion a success. Anyway, Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!

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One Hundred and Sixty-Four!

It is funny when you are for whatever reason drawn to an image… this is so basic, such a simple shape and yet I could not find a way, yet, that I can willingly go in and change it. I love the gentle shape and the marks from the watercolor drying in specific pattern to almost make a texture.  Enjoy!

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