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Two Hundred Sixty-Eight!




Last night I started painting for the fun of it and because the weather seemed perfect and I had a clear head and nothing to distract me. I love nights like that. Anyway I really had nothing in mind so I started to “doodle” and this is where we ended up. I’m not surprised to see that I ended up with clusters and webs, I mean lets be honest that is my favorite thing to draw, paint, make….

Enjoy and see you next time.

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Two Hundred Sixty-Six!



The above is another in the series I worked on while attempting to find the right piece to use on my friends baby shower invitation. I suppose I have to admit that this little mouse was the result of watching the movie “The Witches” based off the Roald Dahl book, which happens to be one of my favorites. Enjoy!

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Two Hundred Sixty-Five!



As it is finally warm outside and I feel that spring may officially be here I have decided to share a few pieces I have been working on. These pieces are very important to me and I was even nervous about sharing them due to someone stealing them, but I suppose at the end of the day I know I did them and if someone steals them shame on them. This image was the result of a request made for a friends baby shower. Although this was not the final piece used on the invitation it was a very rewarding image. We had decided against it as it felt like an Easter image and we all agreed we wanted variety in the animals depicted. As always enjoy and see you next time.


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Day Forty-two

Not too much tonight, just a simple drawing. Spending the evening enjoying the wonderful weather and bevys on the back porch! See you tomorrow!


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Day Thirty-Eight!

After what can only be described as a perfect 3 days away I decided that I really need to work on developing an idea, by allowing more sketching days and brainstorm days. I’m thinking that by jumping to paint or a complete image I’m really limiting the idea to one moment rather than allowing it to develop. For instance the above image I started thinking about yesterday in a sketch and then went to this rough watercolor and I am very interested on pushing this even further. Getting the right depth and  back drop. Anyway, Having a few days to contemplate the idea is such a wonderful experience. Can’t wait until the next escape! By the way, I told you I would be working down there, all the time I was thinking about it too! See you tomorrow!


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Day Thirty-Seven

Second day on the cape, sketches throughout the day of bits and pieces…. This day was full of so much inspiration from viewing different artists at loads of galleries in Provincetown and going of a few different walks around the nature preservation in the area. Not to mention the amazing eats at the Portuguese Bakery (a must hit spot on your next trip) as well as the amazing Rum Punch (Corin’s specialty) at Georges Pizza & Pub.

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Day Thirty-six

Night one of the cape trip.I’ll expand on the last post…

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Day Thirty-five

Well well, apparently I enjoyed the painting method last night because here it is again. I’ve noticed I go through like weekly phases, but I never really last very long on one idea. That’s probably my biggest problem I need to concentrate on one thing. It’s funny because although this blog has totally encouraged me to do something every day I feel like it must be something new, which then leads me to a new idea every time.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure to announce something tonight since I won’t be back until hopefully Tuesday night. I am going away for the next few days for what can hopefully be described as a wonderfully inspiring mini vacation. However, since I will be staying outside of my house I wont have access to my computer and although I have an iphone I can not do the blog thing on that it would make me crazy. SO what I am really saying is that as soon as I get back I will be massive posting from the next few days, but there will be no posts for the next few nights. Of course I want you all to know that I will be, for sure, working each and every night on something, I am not slacking. It’s strange but I feel kind of weird not posting, it’s  like I’m breaking rules but then again it is my blog.  I guess I create the rules and a creative vacation with little technology is a decent one. Anyway I hope you enjoy tonight’s work, can’t wait to see what happens over the next few. See you soon!!!

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Day Thirty-four!

Nice and relaxing painting session after a crazy hectic day. Worked in the morning and then had to head up to Hyde park to clean the print shop (not the most exciting task). It is funny to have to drive 2.5 hours to clean for 1, doesn’t make much sense, but when I was at the shop and thought about doing some printing I realized I had taken my inks to the house. I must admit on my drive home I was loving the gloomy foggy weather and it kind of inspired the mood of this image. This is my favorite kind of weather specially for walking in, which is what I hope to do very soon! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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Day Thirty-Three!

Let’s put things as simply as this, I am so tired I can’t even think of anything to say! Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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