Day Thirty-five

Well well, apparently I enjoyed the painting method last night because here it is again. I’ve noticed I go through like weekly phases, but I never really last very long on one idea. That’s probably my biggest problem I need to concentrate on one thing. It’s funny because although this blog has totally encouraged me to do something every day I feel like it must be something new, which then leads me to a new idea every time.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure to announce something tonight since I won’t be back until hopefully Tuesday night. I am going away for the next few days for what can hopefully be described as a wonderfully inspiring mini vacation. However, since I will be staying outside of my house I wont have access to my computer and although I have an iphone I can not do the blog thing on that it would make me crazy. SO what I am really saying is that as soon as I get back I will be massive posting from the next few days, but there will be no posts for the next few nights. Of course I want you all to know that I will be, for sure, working each and every night on something, I am not slacking. It’s strange but I feel kind of weird not posting, it’s  like I’m breaking rules but then again it is my blog.  I guess I create the rules and a creative vacation with little technology is a decent one. Anyway I hope you enjoy tonight’s work, can’t wait to see what happens over the next few. See you soon!!!

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