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Two Hundred Seventy-Six!



I was lucky enough to spend my weekend at my favorite seaside home, not mine but mi madres. There was loads of tea and yummy baked goods, nighttime fires and painting! The above image is a continuation of my other work. Still playing with shadow and a sense of being overwhelmed. This piece was a bit less emotionally chaotic since I was in a rather calm place when painting. Oddly enough I think the anxiety I was experiencing during the other painting made it a stronger piece. Either way the piece taught me more and I consider it complete. There is something I completely love about the greenery in the bottom left corner…. Enjoy and see you next time!

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Two Hundred Seventy Four!

photo 1

Tonight’s image started as something entirely different about a month ago and I used that under-painting to help develop the final image. I suppose its really just a study of shape and color. I do enjoy the piece but it feels like a piece of a complete image maybe due to its size or elongated shape. Either way Enjoy and See you next time.

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Two Hundred Sixty-Eight!




Last night I started painting for the fun of it and because the weather seemed perfect and I had a clear head and nothing to distract me. I love nights like that. Anyway I really had nothing in mind so I started to “doodle” and this is where we ended up. I’m not surprised to see that I ended up with clusters and webs, I mean lets be honest that is my favorite thing to draw, paint, make….

Enjoy and see you next time.

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One Hundred Ninety-Eight!

photo 4

Small bit of a painting, started working on this image after I finished a painting for a Christmas present. I had an abundance of unused paint that was going to be wasted so I just started painting with acrylics on watercolor paper. I enjoyed developing the shapes, maybe next time I paint I’ll finish the image. Enjoy and I’ll see you next time.

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One Hundred Ninety-Six

photo 2

photo 3

Late night drawing sessions just seems to work out best for me right now although my sleeping patterns are becoming non-existent. Regardless I am happy to say I feel like I might be back into my drawings which is huge for me. For anyone who follows this I will probably be trying to mass produce to get caught up for the at least month and a half that I was completely slacking.

I love this current graphite drawing, I am working on an additive and subtractive method to try an imitate a more painterly style of drawing… we will just have to see how this progresses!

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One Hundred Sixty-Five!

Back to my roots… This image has nothing to do with lack of control, in fact each and every strand of “string” was laid down specifically to energize the space. I am never bored with this imagery… whether you think of it as string of webs I’m obsessed… I could draw carve make these kind of images all the time. No surprise I relapsed. After Endless Summer someone had me thinking about an image title “Essence of a Memory” which is a super favorite of mine. It was a piece created for a folio with a bunch of other artists and in my own opinion a success. Anyway, Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!

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One Hundred and Forty-One!

This was the initial image that began the obsession with that pod shape. Really it is just some fruit thing on a tree in my front yard, but it is not a life-like representation. I loved the way this image developed, it was totally organic. Literally just sprouting new elements as if grew. Pretty exciting. What will the next version look like??? Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Thirty-Four!

Last of today’s images. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be just as productive. Some of you who have been following the blog may know that one I have open studios this weekend and I am trying to keep producing and two I fell behind on the blog and I am trying to catch up right now… Wonder if I can do it! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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The New Hampshire Trip…. Images 114-120

Bellow are the images created while away in New Hampshire. The trip was a great experience and although I had intended them to be drawings from life, once I arrived up there I had no real need for direct inspiration. I was inspired already. All of the images are combinations of graphite, charcoal and watercolor and are expressions of space and shape. This is the first post in which I am mass posting images and therefore there are not many close-ups of sections. If you miss that aspect I am more than happy to include them as well. Thanks for looking and Enjoy!

Images One Hundred and Fourteen, Fifteen, and Sixteen.

They are not meant to be a triptych although they do appear that way due to color, consistent size and imagery. Primarily photographing these individually was crazy long and drove me nuts.

One Hundred and Seventeen.

These image has a pink tint to it but that is not actually part of the image.

One Hundred and Eighteen.

One Hundred and Nineteen.

One Hundred and Twenty.

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Day One Hundred and Twelve!

I love this piece, I worked on it all night off and on and it was so enjoyable. The colors kind of excite me its a new combination of colors. Anyway, Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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