Day Twenty-four

Today was such a wonderful day. Well, almost amazing minus the whole alarm not going off AGAIN (my Iphone is malfunctioning). I was meeting a friend at the gym at the crack ass of dawn and somehow made it there on time regardless that my alarm never went off. After the gym I went to a coffee shop and just sat back and tried to relax for a while before work. I put on my headphones and started sketching. My “musical” inspirations today consisted of Billie Holiday,  Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Etta James and the Dropkick Murphy’s. Nice little mix before work. I hope that when I finally decide on a gym that I will have these kinds of opportunities more often to just sit back write, draw and listen to everything around me. Anyway, this was what I came up with today, tomorrow is my day off and I’ll be off on some kind of adventure I imagine! Can’t wait to see what is in store. See you tomorrow.

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