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Another Batch… 121-126

Day One Hundred and Twenty-One

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Two

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Three

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Four

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Five

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Six

these are all the images from the past week, a combination of  watercolor, graphite and charcoal. All started the same day and were finished when I decided they were. They were being “built” one might say, layer upon layer. I enjoy seeing all of the different levels. The residue of past thoughts or ideas. Enjoy and I will see you next time.

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The New Hampshire Trip…. Images 114-120

Bellow are the images created while away in New Hampshire. The trip was a great experience and although I had intended them to be drawings from life, once I arrived up there I had no real need for direct inspiration. I was inspired already. All of the images are combinations of graphite, charcoal and watercolor and are expressions of space and shape. This is the first post in which I am mass posting images and therefore there are not many close-ups of sections. If you miss that aspect I am more than happy to include them as well. Thanks for looking and Enjoy!

Images One Hundred and Fourteen, Fifteen, and Sixteen.

They are not meant to be a triptych although they do appear that way due to color, consistent size and imagery. Primarily photographing these individually was crazy long and drove me nuts.

One Hundred and Seventeen.

These image has a pink tint to it but that is not actually part of the image.

One Hundred and Eighteen.

One Hundred and Nineteen.

One Hundred and Twenty.

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One Hundred and Thirteen!

First Day of vacation and so far so good, this was the first of the group. It actually had no real reference from my surroundings but the whole situation this morning was so relaxing it just was inspired. Anyway, were off again. Enjoy see you tomorrow!

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Day Seventy-Three!

An early morning drawing. Not too shabby considering it’s only 9:00am and it is done for the day. This is probably a blessing since I have to work 10 to 9 tonight…. kinda grossly long day. Tomorrow should be good though I have almost the entire day off to do what I want, which of course is completely planned out already! I liked the combination of shapes in this and would love to explore it a bit more. I would like to see the contrast bumped up a bit it seems a bit monotone to me, but then again I do love drama even if some of these graphite images are not really displaying that well! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Sixty-Nine!

A quick post tonight, celebrating my birthday with the hubby, so there is no time to write! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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Day Sixty-Eight!

Well today’s my birthday and look at that I still managed to make the time to draw and post. My day was crazy busy though and filled with wonderful surprises, wishes and people. Funny how turning 26 is not NEARLY as exciting as turning 25 however, having it be my birthday is pretty phenomenal! Anyway, I tried to start this earlier in the day before work but as usual I could not finish it until tonight and even that was a struggle. Not because the drawing was difficult or unenjoyable because I did enjoy drawing this morning, but the Celtics game is on and I’m ready to throw my shoe at the tv. I know I shouldn’t be watching basketball while I draw but it is a kinda important game so I had to. Anyway, Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Sixty-Three!

Was able to pull this one off, a quick fix and I’m off for the day. Ready to take on the bridal craziness at work that is going to occur and then to town to put on my dance shoes! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Sixty-Two!

Another day, another drawing. Had to switch to primarily drawing materials since I am officially out of Watercolor paper and won’t be buying any until my next paycheck, so expect a few regular drawings. It will probably be a much-needed change even if it is just for a week. Looking forward to tomorrow although getting my drawing done will be a bit complicated. Heading out with my Bestie Meg for early birthday celebrations. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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Day Fifty-two!

Busy day today and although I had big plans to sit in a cafe and draw today, missing clothing and cut fingers made that a bit more difficult. Lets just say that by 10 am this morning I was already set for bed, never mind the entire day to follow. Anyway this was a complete free for all. A bit of a combination of drawing and painting. It felt really liberating and I think that the freedom of the work is very visible. It is far from what I would consider a completed work but I am very excited about the pencil lines showing though all over the place. Anyway, enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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Day Thirty-one!

Busy Busy day and when I got home I sat myself down with a margarita and started working on a drawing from the other day that I was not very excited about. Well as usual I had much more fun altering the image from the original and I’m curious what another iteration might bring to the image. So on another note, today it the first day of a new month! One month down 11 more to go! WOO HOO! Excited for the month of May. One quiet weekend away planned and hopefully even a print project is in the future! See you tomorrow!

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