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Three Hundred and Forty! 

Carving an image has always been one of the most reward techniques for me. I decided to pick up my tools and tackle and image or two as part of this challenge and I am happy to say it turned out better than anticipated. I have been working on merging two worlds, the creatures which tell a story and abstract environments that have defined my work for so long. I will probably continue with this work once I finish this challenge. For now it’s rather time-consuming and time I do not have. Enjoy and see you next time!



full image



image with ghost print below

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One Hundred and Sixty!

Not exactly the usual, but it was what I was doing for a couple of days. What this small little abstract shapes really is, is a thank you card created from a stamp I designed and carved and layered with a second stamp in an alternate color. I do love doing this kind of thing, it gives me time to lets say “breath” when I start getting into some kind of rut… not that I really felt that way but I do like to switch things up and keep my mind moving. ANYWAY, I was creating cards because I participated in Endless Summer which was loads of fun and I had needed some new inventory in the cards department. Whalah! Enjoy.

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Day Eighty-One!

Well tonight I sat and started carving some stamps to use on greeting cards that I am making. The carved image was based on some kind of seaweed debris stuff, which I of course loved! I thought it might be nice to layer the image since the actual object is such a dense layer thing, I may actually need to carve one more shape to throw into the mix. Not sold on the color combo yet but I was just kind of playing it safe and working with final layout. Anyway, I totally enjoyed making this, I haven’t carved something since Christmas so I was WAY over due. I actually started pricing presses again seems like the least expensive table top decent name press I can get is around $3000. Time to start saving my pennies. I only would need to sell like a billion cards! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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