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Two Hundred Eighty-Six!


I never thought I would like the end image but here we are again and I love the image I was supposed to cut up.  In these last two images I seem to mindlessly move across the page and by the end it’s become a crazy collage of imagery and pattern. It’s exciting and rather stress free. I will say I had half painted the birds ages ago, but that’s why I thought it would be a scrap image. I hated the birds originally which was why I gave up and it just sat in my scraps pile for about 2 months. Anyway, enjoy and see you next time!


Close up left side.


Close se up right side.

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Two Hundred Sixty-Three!


Its Bambi! not really, but I must say this little deer came out rather to my liking. I am amazed at how painterly it looks considering I have a strong drawing background. I’ve always been told I draw with a paintbrush but I would say this looks painted not drawn! The one area that bothers me is that the face looks soooooo structured or skeletal, that has to do with the sketch I did prior to the painting as my reference though. Next time I’m drawing less underneath to prevent this outcome.

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Two Hundred Fifty-Four!


Squirrels always got nuts! Small little gem from the day, I liked him so he became an official image. Enjoy.

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Two Hundred Fifty-One!


OK, I think this will be the last post of the evening, I apologize for overloading you all at once but posting for me is not exactly a regular occurrence so I have to take advantage of these moments! Figured I would end it with one of my favorite images too. These two little guys are based off an photo I saw. In saying that its completely my own at this point. IDK why but I love the interaction between them. I almost wish they were a bit closer but that’s a change for the next time I do something like this. Enjoy!

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Two Hundred Twenty-One!

Yesterday, after running around all morning I finally had a chance to sit down and relax. By relaxing I do mean working on a painting. Not sure what inspired this image other than I wanted to try something new. The bird is pretty sweet the saddle Idea I love, but lets be honest the saddle is so horribly angled it makes me mental. Suppose that’s why people typically sketch prior to painting! Try that next time. Enjoy!

photo 1

photo 2

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Day Eighty-Nine!

Funny day for me, not my typical post at all, but this is what I did yesterday. Also, a friend told me it is good to post things like this because she wants people to know I draw more then rocks. Not that that is all I post about but a lot of things resemble rocks I suppose. Anyway, these were a lot of fun to draw, more like a doodle really. Enjoy and Ill see you tomorrow!

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