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One Hundred and Forty!

This image was more of an experimental piece. I would start a shape move to the next return and introduce a new element here and there. I would not consider this my favorite type of finished piece but I do like that it does not seem so static… It feels like a mash of bits from the ocean without a backdrop. Different types of seaweed or organic pieces tangled together. I think the word tangled means a lot to my work. I like weaving things together, almost in a way that would not really make sense but looks interesting. Something new to consider! Enjoy.

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Day Eighty-One!

Well tonight I sat and started carving some stamps to use on greeting cards that I am making. The carved image was based on some kind of seaweed debris stuff, which I of course loved! I thought it might be nice to layer the image since the actual object is such a dense layer thing, I may actually need to carve one more shape to throw into the mix. Not sold on the color combo yet but I was just kind of playing it safe and working with final layout. Anyway, I totally enjoyed making this, I haven’t carved something since Christmas so I was WAY over due. I actually started pricing presses again seems like the least expensive table top decent name press I can get is around $3000. Time to start saving my pennies. I only would need to sell like a billion cards! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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