Day Eighty-Five!

So a continuation from Day eighty-three, another acrylic growth. Started with a central mark and just allowed it to evolve around that. I added the green to give it another element but I wish I had worked it a bit more. I guess it is all a learning experience. For instance today at work, LEARNING EXPERIENCE, unlike when you work for a major company you are forced to become a jack of all trades with small business. You learn how to be the IT girl while also schooling people on what hair and makeup products will work best for them and cleaning up flash flooding incidents. A whole lot of chaos, but it is making me a much more well-rounded person. A learning experience everyday, in both the art and working world! Haha, lets see what tomorrow brings.

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One thought on “Day Eighty-Five!

  1. Jonalyn says:

    Cheers pal. I do apiracpete the writing.

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