Day Eighty-Six!

Another day another post, its amazing to me when I learn that someone who I didn’t expect tells me they read my blog. It’s actually kind of awesome, so thank you! On another note today was bitter-sweet it was the last day at EES for me and although it will relieve some financial burdens it was a bit sad to say goodbye. I just keep saying that eventually when I get my whole life back together I can reapply or maybe even buy my own press, $3000 that’s all!  Also, I decided today that I want a shrink-wrap machine, they are awesome to have when trying to prep for a craft fair or open studios. Not that it is by any means a necessity but I would like one in my future studio! Anyway, about this painting. I loved looking back on all 85 images today when I was organizing them and this just kind of evolved from that a combination of current and older images really. I’m trying to get a grip on acrylic again, haven’t properly used them since like high school which honestly was like 8 years ago now. AHHH! Anyway gotta wrap things up here, watching “21 jump Street” and it is amazing. See you tomorrow!

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