Day Eighty-Eight!

Well that’s a fun number, although it is ridiculously even for me. Normally I am not an even kind of person. It’s like symmetry, it drives me insane. They say that people are drawn to very symmetrical people but I think that would bother me. I mean for example I am happy to say that my face is NOT symmetrical, the main difference that I can see is in my eyes, although it is slight it seems like one is a bit more open and the freckles don’t match… I mean the freckles in my eye not on my face. Anyway, as you can see my images are typically far from symmetrical. There is one thing I would like to conquer or at the very least attempt, to put these in a space or on a surface. They currently appear like objects or icons, strange but iconic. Actually on another note they would be amazing built-in 3D (NEXT PROJECT).  Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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