Day Twenty-five!

Today was a sort of adventure, it started super early considering it was my day off, but I am trying to get my act together. I was working on getting everything submitted for Open studios, which I will post more about when I finally get the A.O.K from the Big honchos! As for now it is the image selections (and the resizing with the help of a good friend), applications and artists statements and bios. It always takes me forever, I don’t want to sound like a posh big-headed artists nor do I want to sound like a recent college graduate. Oh well we shall have to see how they like it! After that me and the pup went on an adventure to the vets and on the way back we stopped by The Source to see some of my besties who I have not seen in far too long. When I got home I set out to figure out which bicycle was in good enough shape to ride, adjust it the best I know how and went out. It was wonderful, minus the rather uncomfortable seat. The sun was shining but the clouds were dark and stormy. It is that perfect light, when everything is illuminated. I’ve always loved that! Once I was finally home I sat out to start my image  but well Lee came home and we headed out. Once I got back this was what I did…

As you can see I did not finished, I was distraced by dinner with the hubby, which is a great distraction. I will finish this tomorrow though. See you then!

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