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Today is going to be super long and since I know I won’t have energy to do this later I decided to work on my drawing before work. I love the shape although the image is kinda basic. I won’t lie I just don’t have the time to get into detail.  I’m excited for the next few days though nice and “short” days with plenty of time to draw.

For anyone who has been reading these, you are already aware that I have six dogs staying at the house right now and normally when I get home from work I have a chance to sit and clear the head, but for now I have to be with them to try and ware them out since they apparently never run out of energy. Wow that seems like a serious run on.  It is funny though watching these crazy animals, they have such personalities. Alright enough about the dogs I’m gonna start sounding like crazy dog lady, forget cats. Time to go I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Eighteen!

Well, it is fun to look at the image and then remember it came from day sixteen. I’m not sure what my final thoughts of the image are but it was very enjoyable to destroy the prior image. Maybe I shouldn’t call it destroying but it felt that way. This exercise has always been a big hit with me, I have an obbsession with changing things I don’t like and normally it is drastic. Maybe I’ll cut the next image up into tiny bits who knows. I’m very happy to have had fun while working on this since I was kind of wrecked after working all day at the salon. Tomorrow will be interesting, I’m working for 12 hours,from 8:30 to 8:30, and I need to try and fit something artistic in there! Well good luck to that! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Seventeen

So I thought today was going to be a brilliantly productive day but it ended up being quite the opposite. It was gorgeous here and after I worked out and did my errands I ended up meeting a friend at the beach. Now I had a wonderfully amazing day with a friend I had not seen in months, but I was far from creative unless you count building a sand castle with an awesome 3-year-old. That kind counts it was like a sculpture which was then destroyed by that same small 3-year-old feet!  Once I finally sat down to draw I was kinda out of it, funny how sitting on a beach in the sun can actually feel draining. I usually get mad at people when they say things like that but here I am saying the exact same thing. Anyway, I did my drawing and I like how there is like one shape that was being continuously built off of, but that’s it for today folks. Tomorrow is a new day. See you tomorrow!

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Day Sixteen

Today was such a beautiful April day, Marathon Monday here in Boston. It was crazy hot though for the runners, it was like 84 which when running a marathon can not be enjoyable. I don’t even enjoy like 70’s for a 5k… Id prefer like 40/50. Anyway, had to work a bit today which was fine and after work on my way back into the lovely town of Hull I was stuck in crazy traffic for ages. In a way it was kind of entertaining, There were so many people and the cars were insane, people were parking everywhere. If there was like a bit of grass/dirt/undesignated pavement they were parking there. The out-of-town beach goers were not in luck though there were like 3+ tow trucks just hauling away cars. Mad really it looked like Southie on the street cleaning days.  Those outta towners never learn. Anyway, I started drawing around 6 and enjoyed the cooling weather on the back porch. Now this image I’m not crazy about and I think that this will be the one I “destroy” and try to develop something else from it. Tomorrow I have the day off and after my morning class I plan to find a good spot to work from… Hope I find my inspiration! See you tomorrow.

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Day Fifteen

Today was such a wonderful and perfect day. For those of you who don’t live in the Boston area, it was sunny like high 70’s and perfect. My day started with a run on the beach with the hubby and some after run breakfast sandwiches. When we got back to the house we set up camp on the back porch and things only got better from there. The SIX puppies were running amuck in the backyard having a ball while I was drawing and lee was reading. Now, many hours later all the dogs are completely panned out ALL over the house, mainly because there are six of them! As for the drawing, I spent some time just developing the image and although I said I would rework it tomorrow I don’t know if I am really ready to. Also, sticking to the monochromatic color scheme has really been helpful for my imagery because it takes away a bit of distraction. Anyway, Ill see you tomorrow!

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Day Fourteen

WEEK TWO! Day Fourteen, I’m so happy that I have made it through week two and needless to say it wasn’t even hard work! Tonight I decided to actually do what I said I would yesterday and try and work an image with only a gray-scale. This image was really enjoyable to work on and it has inspired tomorrows piece! I want to work on something larger and do a “state” of it on one day and then try to drastically change it for the next day and so on. I’ve always loved to see how much an image develops when it has a strong history.

Life note, it was also the first day of all 6 dogs I might add… interesting morning but it ended up working out by nightfall. Having the yard for all 6 to run around in at once has been a savior without it I would look like the crazy dog lady walking down the street, but luckily I could probably easily get away with the excuse of horrible dog walker! Anyway, it’s Saturday so I need to be done with this and enjoy the rest of the evening. See you tomorrow!

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Day Thirteen

Today was a crazy day, in the best of ways of course! Worked during the day and when I got home I managed to have the energy for a run and workout which was pretty impressive! After that I sat down to start drawing. I broke out the graphite and charcoal which I haven’t used in a while and it was somewhat liberating. Not being so concentrated on such small marks makes the image develop quite nicely.  Of course I wasn’t content with the image until I added some pop but maybe my next challenge will be to just use a gray-scale. Anyway, I finished right in time to welcome my sister and her gang into our house at like 9:30 at night. We are watching her 2 dogs while they are away for vacation. Now for those who don’t know me I own two Pomeranians of my own, Boo and Tayto and my mother has two puppies as well.  So currently at the house we have 6 puppies, crazy right, but they are a combined weight of 60lbs so it’s not too bad. Wish me luck I’m sure they may be a bit of a distraction this week. See you tomorrow!

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Day Twelve

Better late then never, It’s 11pm and I’m sitting on my floor writing this post because the computer is super dead and I am way to tired to wait to post so here I am sitting next to the only open outlet I can access in my room. I tried to get some work done this morning but I ended up going to work at 9:15 and things just didn’t work out before hand. After work, which I will add was super, I came home and went for a rather enjoyable run considering running sometimes makes me want to punch completely innocent bi-standards. Once I was home, for good, I picked up where I had left off this morning and continued. Not my best but I got into it at the end when I started building off the central image. I still think the green form is my favorite aspect, but the loosely drawn circles were the most liberating. After working for the entire day sometimes it is nice to just let go! who knows maybe I’ll go crazy and use charcoal tomorrow! I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Eleven

Today has the potential of being a very busy day so I wanted to knock these out early this morning. I was really just working on some sketches of different elements. This is kind of the thing I have been telling my self to take some time to work on and yet I kept reverting back to watercolor. It’s easy to understand why the color of watercolor is kind of hypnotizing but I was losing the images or that’s how I felt about the last couple, especially yesterday. Anyway, I’ll try to work on these types of things for the next couple.

Life note, so this is the first week at my new J.O.B. which is why I wasn’t sure how the days are going to play out, but I’m very excited for the new scenery, plus it smells amazing there, it’s an Aveda salon. It is kinda fun how I can go to work and when I leave I smell like a spa… which is good for those of us who like the smell, but I imagine eventually you don’t even notice it anymore or it makes you nuts! Hoping for the first option please! Alright folks, see you tomorrow!

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So I am starting out with words today which is rare, but I feel that you all need a bit of fair warning about the following images. There is nothing x rated about them or anything it’s just like my mind exploded on the page. As a good friend always says to me “You have to work out the ugly” and well today was an ugly mod podge kind of day. I had this brilliant idea but I think what threw me off to begin with was the initial shape. It really bothered me, it was kinda symmetrical which is like my nightmare and very central on the page. Needless to say I attacked it after I got to a certain point and just started throwing stuff onto the page. It’s a good learning process I guess. It is still very early in the day and I may just start something else, but for now this is my post. Enjoy and beware!

Thanks for taking a peek!

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