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The New Hampshire Trip…. Images 114-120

Bellow are the images created while away in New Hampshire. The trip was a great experience and although I had intended them to be drawings from life, once I arrived up there I had no real need for direct inspiration. I was inspired already. All of the images are combinations of graphite, charcoal and watercolor and are expressions of space and shape. This is the first post in which I am mass posting images and therefore there are not many close-ups of sections. If you miss that aspect I am more than happy to include them as well. Thanks for looking and Enjoy!

Images One Hundred and Fourteen, Fifteen, and Sixteen.

They are not meant to be a triptych although they do appear that way due to color, consistent size and imagery. Primarily photographing these individually was crazy long and drove me nuts.

One Hundred and Seventeen.

These image has a pink tint to it but that is not actually part of the image.

One Hundred and Eighteen.

One Hundred and Nineteen.

One Hundred and Twenty.

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