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One Hundred and Forty!

This image was more of an experimental piece. I would start a shape move to the next return and introduce a new element here and there. I would not consider this my favorite type of finished piece but I do like that it does not seem so static… It feels like a mash of bits from the ocean without a backdrop. Different types of seaweed or organic pieces tangled together. I think the word tangled means a lot to my work. I like weaving things together, almost in a way that would not really make sense but looks interesting. Something new to consider! Enjoy.

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One Hundred and Thirty-Nine!

These images began the day of open studios but my rate of finishing pieces has decreased to like a snail’s pace… I’m sitting and pondering the next move quite a bit which is both good and bad. Anyway I began painting this pod shape which you will see in the next few images since I have become somewhat obsessed. The contrast in this image is to my liking I love the pops of color throughout the image.

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One Hundred and Thirty-Seven!

Today was open studios, day one, and although it would be considered slow I did pretty well. Most of the people who stopped by were very pleasant to talk to and encouraging about the kind of work I am producing. I love when people who are completely new to my work fall in love with pieces, at least it proves that my work is interesting. It was fun talking about the works and trying to describe the crazy things I see in my head and translate that. It is true that my work is organic and nature inspired but that is typically the base of the image and then who knows… I run with it I guess. What I did realize today is I need to take some time to update my about this blog page since the basis of the blog has evolved with the blog, and people who are new to it may not realize. Below are a few images of my set up today, somewhat similar to last months open studio.¬† Anyway enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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One Hundred and Thirty-Six!

A last minute image before tomorrows open studio. Excited to see what tomorrow¬† and Sunday bring. Not too much to say, it’s just been one of those days where my mind needs to rest and regroup. Enjoy and see you next time!

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Day Ninety!

Today was such a wonderful Sunday, went for a morning bike ride, went to the beach, dinner with the family, and a walk on the sea wall to finish off the day. I was able to dedicate a nice chunk of time to this painting although it is rather small. I’m excited to have been producing these small paintings just before open studios next Sunday. This image is a combination of the shapes I’m working with, as you can probably see, clusters of mushrooms, fins rocks, webs, and petals. See I work on more than just rock images! Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow! BTW can we believe it is July already? Mental right!

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Day Seventy-Three!

An early morning drawing. Not too shabby considering it’s only 9:00am and it is done for the day. This is probably a blessing since I have to work 10 to 9 tonight…. kinda grossly long day. Tomorrow should be good though I have almost the entire day off to do what I want, which of course is completely planned out already! I liked the combination of shapes in this and would love to explore it a bit more. I would like to see the contrast bumped up a bit it seems a bit monotone to me, but then again I do love drama even if some of these graphite images are not really displaying that well! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day five, unlike yesterday I had completed my image by 11am. I much prefer the morning sessions over the evening. Last night after I finally finished everything up, I hit the hay and I must have passed out in like 5 min. Everything was perfect except for the nightmare I had and its funny because I’ve had a very similar dream recently too. I imagine it’s because of all the coyotes I had seen over the last few months. In my dream the coyotes are somewhere between a wild dog and a werewolf.. pretty big range but there are always too many and I run around like a nut job trying to get the puppies back into the house, but there is never enough time. I love dreaming but sometimes I wish I could just hit the off button. When I woke up I decided to start my image right then to try and distract myself and it worked really well. I was roughly working from a piece of wood in the backyard that I like to look at and of course I indulged a bit in other elements. I am not crazy about the palate it is kinda dull to me, but its ok. Now its time to get ready for work…. see you tomorrow.

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