Day five, unlike yesterday I had completed my image by 11am. I much prefer the morning sessions over the evening. Last night after I finally finished everything up, I hit the hay and I must have passed out in like 5 min. Everything was perfect except for the nightmare I had and its funny because I’ve had a very similar dream recently too. I imagine it’s because of all the coyotes I had seen over the last few months. In my dream the coyotes are somewhere between a wild dog and a werewolf.. pretty big range but there are always too many and I run around like a nut job trying to get the puppies back into the house, but there is never enough time. I love dreaming but sometimes I wish I could just hit the off button. When I woke up I decided to start my image right then to try and distract myself and it worked really well. I was roughly working from a piece of wood in the backyard that I like to look at and of course I indulged a bit in other elements. I am not crazy about the palate it is kinda dull to me, but its ok. Now its time to get ready for work…. see you tomorrow.

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One thought on “DAY FIVE

  1. thelightbulb says:

    I love your style! Yes, even the colours. : )

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