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Cape Escape 3 x 3

Once again I find myself getting inspired while away on vacation in the Cape. Maybe it’s because I had a chance to relax or maybe its because I was able to see A LOT of art. Either way it makes me happy.

First we stopped off at the Heritage Museum where they had a great exhibition showcasing three generations of The Wyeth Family. I was familiar with some of the works but had no idea how talented each family member was. The show focused on N.C, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth. I definitely recommend looking at their work. Each had their own voice but you can absolutely see how their work influenced each other.

The Second great art experience of the weekend was my visit to the Edward Gorey House. I’ve always been obsessed with his works and we figured why not check this place out for a whopping 8 Dollars! The tour was interesting and I loved just getting a glimpse into his mind via his collections, stories, clothes etc. Needless to say I bought a couple more books he illustrated, The Sopping Thursday and The Doubtful Guest, GREAT reads.

The rest of my time was spent wondering around Provincetown, indulging in bevies and foods and just looking. I mean really looking and taking things in not just walking with my eyes open. There is a difference you know.

Cape landscape

The above was an interpretation of something I saw while running in Dennis. It’s by no means an exact account but it gives a general gist. It was a quick, relaxed sketch I did when I returned home.

cape landscape abstract

This was an interpretation of the image above! Obviously more pattern inspired but again a good experience. Now to add some serious depth or color blocks and we would be all set.

Enjoy and see you next time.


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Three Hundred and Five!

The color in this seemed bright to me at first but the more I stare at it the more it seems to grow on me. I really think that the Snowmageddon we have all been experiencing has forced many of us into this mental frenzy of dreaming about spring. Whether it be the imagery or the colors I feel that my work has absolutely started to embody this. Enjoy and see you next time.


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Two Hundred Thirty-Five

Not my typical imagery, but needless to say it happened. I’m not exaclty sure what I was going for in this image either considering the sky appears to be on fire, maybe post apocolypse? If so I hope I live in a cozy cottage like this when it all goes down. I do know this happened after going to a tiny B&B in Ireland which was nestled between two “mountains” also know as large hills, not covered in trees but sheep instead. Oddly enough my experience there was rather good minus the grumpy woman who yelled at me to come down to breakfast…. doesn’t she understand we were on vacation, sleeping in from the previous nights festivities? Enjoy and see you next time.


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One Hundred Ninety-One and Ninety-Two….

This is different stages of the same image, it still is not entirely complete but it is moving in the general direction. What is interesting is that I had originally seen this image from a completely different orientation and as of right now I’ve basically flipped that. Interesting how that happens! Anyway Enjoy  and I’ll see you next time.

photo 1

One Hundred and Ninety-Two, full view

photo 2

One Hundred Ninety-Two, close up flipped

photo 3

One Hundred Ninety-One, close up

photo 1

One Hundred Ninety-One, Full view

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One Hundred and Sixty-Four!

It is funny when you are for whatever reason drawn to an image… this is so basic, such a simple shape and yet I could not find a way, yet, that I can willingly go in and change it. I love the gentle shape and the marks from the watercolor drying in specific pattern to almost make a texture.  Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Fifty!

Simple elegance, a clean graphite image part of the series below. They are meant to develop from the background. Enjoy and see you next time!

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One Hundred and Forty-Eight!

I love the composition of this piece…. unlike most of the others this just grows out of the space where as the others seem to extend out in every direction off of the paper. Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Forty-Seven!

Part of the six piece series I created over the last few nights. All in graphite and micron pen. Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Forty-Six!

All of the following images are made in the same manner, by applying a layer of graphite completely at will with no reference and then entering the space and creating depth and layers. I had a blast making these and the following five posts. I hope you find them as interesting or intriguing as I do. Enjoy!

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