I loved this day! I woke up early on my day off, which I know is insane because I always want to sleep in and never do, but I got up, made my cup of tea and started painting. I was working from a sketch I did yesterday and decided to work on it further. I’ve always loved working with watercolors just because I love the way the media works, it’s different from other painting mediums like acrylics or oil. To me it feels a bit more free, but I know that is completely a personal opinion. I think I might continue with these images tomorrow.

As for the day it was a combination of early morning creative thoughts an afternoon or some intense working out and a dentist appointment and an evening of family time. You really can’t complain about a day like this. Now for anyone who is reading and going “shut up already, I don’t want to listen to your perfect day” well you’re in luck this is a rare fantastic day, but for JUST that reason I need to sit back and dwell on it for a bit.

I would like to add that today while painting and merely using my abstract image as reference my mother pointed out that the first image resembles a fish. This drives me crazy since it is now the only thing I see when I look at it but I am curious to hear what others think of the image, so if you have a moment please let me know. I always love some feedback and as these are merely works in progress there is always room for improvement. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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One thought on “DAY THREE

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Interesting painting. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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