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Day Eleven

Today has the potential of being a very busy day so I wanted to knock these out early this morning. I was really just working on some sketches of different elements. This is kind of the thing I have been telling my self to take some time to work on and yet I kept reverting back to watercolor. It’s easy to understand why the color of watercolor is kind of hypnotizing but I was losing the images or that’s how I felt about the last couple, especially yesterday. Anyway, I’ll try to work on these types of things for the next couple.

Life note, so this is the first week at my new J.O.B. which is why I wasn’t sure how the days are going to play out, but I’m very excited for the new scenery, plus it smells amazing there, it’s an Aveda salon. It is kinda fun how I can go to work and when I leave I smell like a spa… which is good for those of us who like the smell, but I imagine eventually you don’t even notice it anymore or it makes you nuts! Hoping for the first option please! Alright folks, see you tomorrow!

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So I am starting out with words today which is rare, but I feel that you all need a bit of fair warning about the following images. There is nothing x rated about them or anything it’s just like my mind exploded on the page. As a good friend always says to me “You have to work out the ugly” and well today was an ugly mod podge kind of day. I had this brilliant idea but I think what threw me off to begin with was the initial shape. It really bothered me, it was kinda symmetrical which is like my nightmare and very central on the page. Needless to say I attacked it after I got to a certain point and just started throwing stuff onto the page. It’s a good learning process I guess. It is still very early in the day and I may just start something else, but for now this is my post. Enjoy and beware!

Thanks for taking a peek!

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Here we are, day nine. This is being posted a bit late but that’s only because I had so many other things going on. Today was the first day where I wasn’t constantly thinking about my drawings. It kind of bothered me but luckily tomorrow I have the day “off” and hopefully I will have some good time in the morning for concentrating on ideas. I’d like to tackle something a bit bigger. Most of these are on Watercolor paper about 11″ x 15″ or 8.5″ x 11″. I’m not exactly sure why I want to go bigger and I sure as hell can’t guarantee that will do anything good for the image but sometimes it gives me a bit more freedom to loosen up and although I have only been making these images for a few I feel somewhat restricted.

On another note I would like to announce that today was the first day of my official new job. It’s a good vibe there and seems to be a good place for my head. Also, it’s super close to home so no more ridiculous car rides trying to make sense of why I was driving so far. Instead I can use that time to focus on my art or sit at the beach and read. Imagine, ME TIME! love it.

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WOOHOO… I am onto week 2, not bad 1 down and only 51 weeks to go, makin progress. Got up early enough, well I was the first one up at the house at least…. it was 10am. I was working from the sketches I did last night and although I’m not completely crazy about the worm shaped elements (which actually came from seeing a mop head) they do seem to add a new dynamic.  Time to sit back and relax for the rest of the Easter day. Happy Easter! See you tomorrow.

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Today is day seven, one week today and well I’m happy to say I managed to get a post up even if I had such a little amount of time to work. All I did today was work on some sketches for shapes and layers. They are nothing major but they are the building blocks for the watercolors that hopefully I will continue with tomorrow.

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Today is a busy day, so I woke up at 7:00 to start working on an image. This was how far I got with it in the time slot I had available. Honestly I really like the image I’ve been enjoying these collages of shapes that I have been working on. Next I want to expand my shapes so I might try to do some sketching this weekend and focus on broadening my marks. Plus, its Easter weekend and I won’t really have a nice place to paint. Drawing in the sketch book it is then! See you tomorrow!

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Day five, unlike yesterday I had completed my image by 11am. I much prefer the morning sessions over the evening. Last night after I finally finished everything up, I hit the hay and I must have passed out in like 5 min. Everything was perfect except for the nightmare I had and its funny because I’ve had a very similar dream recently too. I imagine it’s because of all the coyotes I had seen over the last few months. In my dream the coyotes are somewhere between a wild dog and a werewolf.. pretty big range but there are always too many and I run around like a nut job trying to get the puppies back into the house, but there is never enough time. I love dreaming but sometimes I wish I could just hit the off button. When I woke up I decided to start my image right then to try and distract myself and it worked really well. I was roughly working from a piece of wood in the backyard that I like to look at and of course I indulged a bit in other elements. I am not crazy about the palate it is kinda dull to me, but its ok. Now its time to get ready for work…. see you tomorrow.

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Drawing number four, check… finished at 10:30pm, which in reality is still not that late. I’m happy to have just forced myself to sit and draw, when I was pretty tired from somewhat of a draining day. I’m warning those who don’t care to hear about my day, today was not the uplifting perfect day I had yesterday, there was a lot of complaining and aggravating occurrences which I am going to tell you about if you choose to read on. Regardless, thanks stopping by the check out my post and enjoy!

Today was a series of unfortunate events (and yes I stole that line from the movie title) with a few minor rewarding moments intermingled. My day began before 6am, GROSS, followed by my morning commute which took more than double the normal amount of time. I’m never good in early morning traffic but luckily this was just another reminder of exactly why I took a job much closer to home. The day at The Source was dull but one customer drove me nuts and to make it worse her last name is so similar to mine, I can’t stand sharing my name with these frustrating people. On the upside I got to visit with a very good friend, Miss Meagan after work and we indulged in my favorites, wine and buffalo anything. It’s ridiculous! After, I headed home back towards the oceanfront, but I had one more stop, little did I know what was in store.

I went into Michael’s, the crafting store, about 10 min to close so I went straight for what I needed and headed to check out. Now on the way in I had seen this one woman approaching the register I should have just turned and run out,but I was in a crazy mindset from paper. When I got close to her I realized she literally had like 400 sheets of 12 x 12 scrap booking paper, mental. Now for those who don’t realize that’s 400 separate skus that need to be scanned in. Anyway, I was calm so I turned around and started walking the store, it was like the Michael’s 5000 race and I was just doing laps to kill time, but the next thing I knew the lights were dimmed. Now I have been in stores around closing and find it completely appropriate to shut the music off or make an announcement but to shut most of the lights OFF seems a bit creepy. So I got the hint and headed towards the register where this woman was still unloading her sheets. Thank god she saw me making a sad puppy dog face after about 10 minutes, because she ended up splitting her transaction and letting me and another woman go. After I was rung in I was like a bat outta hell. I was on a mission to get home since I still hadn’t started drawing.

I got home around 9:30, made a cup of tea, took my spot at the table and woohoo, another drawing complete! Lovely, good day overall.

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I loved this day! I woke up early on my day off, which I know is insane because I always want to sleep in and never do, but I got up, made my cup of tea and started painting. I was working from a sketch I did yesterday and decided to work on it further. I’ve always loved working with watercolors just because I love the way the media works, it’s different from other painting mediums like acrylics or oil. To me it feels a bit more free, but I know that is completely a personal opinion. I think I might continue with these images tomorrow.

As for the day it was a combination of early morning creative thoughts an afternoon or some intense working out and a dentist appointment and an evening of family time. You really can’t complain about a day like this. Now for anyone who is reading and going “shut up already, I don’t want to listen to your perfect day” well you’re in luck this is a rare fantastic day, but for JUST that reason I need to sit back and dwell on it for a bit.

I would like to add that today while painting and merely using my abstract image as reference my mother pointed out that the first image resembles a fish. This drives me crazy since it is now the only thing I see when I look at it but I am curious to hear what others think of the image, so if you have a moment please let me know. I always love some feedback and as these are merely works in progress there is always room for improvement. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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Okey doke, day two and going strong! Woohoo 48 hours! I was wondering what would come of today’s drawing knowing the challenging schedule I was up against, but to my surprise I found it quite easy to get into the groove despite the hectic day. I was working at the Salon from 9 to 12 and The Source from 1 to 9:30 with only an hour in between. Luckily, I started doodling early this morning and just kept building off of that idea all day.

It’s nice thinking about a drawing in the back of your mind all day, a good calm place to regroup at when your dealing with customers who are having a royal melt down over decorative paper and there you are trying to get them to realize what actually matters in life. I can tell you straight off the bat that decorative paper and rubberstamps are not life altering nor life changing issues that require that much intensity or stress. It’s like when people get mad about glitter, I just never understand. I don’t imagine I ever will though.


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