Day Eleven

Today has the potential of being a very busy day so I wanted to knock these out early this morning. I was really just working on some sketches of different elements. This is kind of the thing I have been telling my self to take some time to work on and yet I kept reverting back to watercolor. It’s easy to understand why the color of watercolor is kind of hypnotizing but I was losing the images or that’s how I felt about the last couple, especially yesterday. Anyway, I’ll try to work on these types of things for the next couple.

Life note, so this is the first week at my new J.O.B. which is why I wasn’t sure how the days are going to play out, but I’m very excited for the new scenery, plus it smells amazing there, it’s an Aveda salon. It is kinda fun how I can go to work and when I leave I smell like a spa… which is good for those of us who like the smell, but I imagine eventually you don’t even notice it anymore or it makes you nuts! Hoping for the first option please! Alright folks, see you tomorrow!

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