Drawing number four, check… finished at 10:30pm, which in reality is still not that late. I’m happy to have just forced myself to sit and draw, when I was pretty tired from somewhat of a draining day. I’m warning those who don’t care to hear about my day, today was not the uplifting perfect day I had yesterday, there was a lot of complaining and aggravating occurrences which I am going to tell you about if you choose to read on. Regardless, thanks stopping by the check out my post and enjoy!

Today was a series of unfortunate events (and yes I stole that line from the movie title) with a few minor rewarding moments intermingled. My day began before 6am, GROSS, followed by my morning commute which took more than double the normal amount of time. I’m never good in early morning traffic but luckily this was just another reminder of exactly why I took a job much closer to home. The day at The Source was dull but one customer drove me nuts and to make it worse her last name is so similar to mine, I can’t stand sharing my name with these frustrating people. On the upside I got to visit with a very good friend, Miss Meagan after work and we indulged in my favorites, wine and buffalo anything. It’s ridiculous! After, I headed home back towards the oceanfront, but I had one more stop, little did I know what was in store.

I went into Michael’s, the crafting store, about 10 min to close so I went straight for what I needed and headed to check out. Now on the way in I had seen this one woman approaching the register I should have just turned and run out,but I was in a crazy mindset from paper. When I got close to her I realized she literally had like 400 sheets of 12 x 12 scrap booking paper, mental. Now for those who don’t realize that’s 400 separate skus that need to be scanned in. Anyway, I was calm so I turned around and started walking the store, it was like the Michael’s 5000 race and I was just doing laps to kill time, but the next thing I knew the lights were dimmed. Now I have been in stores around closing and find it completely appropriate to shut the music off or make an announcement but to shut most of the lights OFF seems a bit creepy. So I got the hint and headed towards the register where this woman was still unloading her sheets. Thank god she saw me making a sad puppy dog face after about 10 minutes, because she ended up splitting her transaction and letting me and another woman go. After I was rung in I was like a bat outta hell. I was on a mission to get home since I still hadn’t started drawing.

I got home around 9:30, made a cup of tea, took my spot at the table and woohoo, another drawing complete! Lovely, good day overall.

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