Okey doke, day two and going strong! Woohoo 48 hours! I was wondering what would come of today’s drawing knowing the challenging schedule I was up against, but to my surprise I found it quite easy to get into the groove despite the hectic day. I was working at the Salon from 9 to 12 and The Source from 1 to 9:30 with only an hour in between. Luckily, I started doodling early this morning and just kept building off of that idea all day.

It’s nice thinking about a drawing in the back of your mind all day, a good calm place to regroup at when your dealing with customers who are having a royal melt down over decorative paper and there you are trying to get them to realize what actually matters in life. I can tell you straight off the bat that decorative paper and rubberstamps are not life altering nor life changing issues that require that much intensity or stress. It’s like when people get mad about glitter, I just never understand. I don’t imagine I ever will though.


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