Day Fourteen

WEEK TWO! Day Fourteen, I’m so happy that I have made it through week two and needless to say it wasn’t even hard work! Tonight I decided to actually do what I said I would yesterday and try and work an image with only a gray-scale. This image was really enjoyable to work on and it has inspired tomorrows piece! I want to work on something larger and do a “state” of it on one day and then try to drastically change it for the next day and so on. I’ve always loved to see how much an image develops when it has a strong history.

Life note, it was also the first day of all 6 dogs I might add… interesting morning but it ended up working out by nightfall. Having the yard for all 6 to run around in at once has been a savior without it I would look like the crazy dog lady walking down the street, but luckily I could probably easily get away with the excuse of horrible dog walker! Anyway, it’s Saturday so I need to be done with this and enjoy the rest of the evening. See you tomorrow!

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