Day Thirteen

Today was a crazy day, in the best of ways of course! Worked during the day and when I got home I managed to have the energy for a run and workout which was pretty impressive! After that I sat down to start drawing. I broke out the graphite and charcoal which I haven’t used in a while and it was somewhat liberating. Not being so concentrated on such small marks makes the image develop quite nicely.  Of course I wasn’t content with the image until I added some pop but maybe my next challenge will be to just use a gray-scale. Anyway, I finished right in time to welcome my sister and her gang into our house at like 9:30 at night. We are watching her 2 dogs while they are away for vacation. Now for those who don’t know me I own two Pomeranians of my own, Boo and Tayto and my mother has two puppies as well.  So currently at the house we have 6 puppies, crazy right, but they are a combined weight of 60lbs so it’s not too bad. Wish me luck I’m sure they may be a bit of a distraction this week. See you tomorrow!

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