Day Sixteen

Today was such a beautiful April day, Marathon Monday here in Boston. It was crazy hot though for the runners, it was like 84 which when running a marathon can not be enjoyable. I don’t even enjoy like 70’s for a 5k… Id prefer like 40/50. Anyway, had to work a bit today which was fine and after work on my way back into the lovely town of Hull I was stuck in crazy traffic for ages. In a way it was kind of entertaining, There were so many people and the cars were insane, people were parking everywhere. If there was like a bit of grass/dirt/undesignated pavement they were parking there. The out-of-town beach goers were not in luck though there were like 3+ tow trucks just hauling away cars. Mad really it looked like Southie on the street cleaning days.  Those outta towners never learn. Anyway, I started drawing around 6 and enjoyed the cooling weather on the back porch. Now this image I’m not crazy about and I think that this will be the one I “destroy” and try to develop something else from it. Tomorrow I have the day off and after my morning class I plan to find a good spot to work from… Hope I find my inspiration! See you tomorrow.

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One thought on “Day Sixteen

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Well done. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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