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Day Fifty!

Look at that 50 drawings down, only 315 more to go, whats up!! Today I followed yesterdays image style and did something similar. They are nice quick ideas that evolve almost instantly and I love the over all look. With this particular image I liked it a lot more before I added the red but I guess I would never know that if I had not tried it, so I learned that little fact!

Today was an awesome day by the way. I went for a bike ride along the beach with the hubby, then got to celebrate one of my besties (Meagan’s) Bridal shower and meet her fab mom, enjoy a drink with my Hull girlies by the grill and finished off with a walk on the beach. Beautiful Sunday right? No complaints here, it makes for a very inspiring day! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Forty-Nine!

Today was one of those days where my entire goal of the day was to get outside and what ends up happening is at 7:50pm I realize I still have not managed to actually enjoy the day outside. I mean I was busy with work and the gym and this drawing but now well I guess the time has come to finally sit on the back porch and indulge (in Thai food and Vino). As I said yesterday or maybe it was the day before, everything seems to blend together, I did not get any pieces into the Cohasset Art Fair, but I think I have come to terms with it. I don’t think my work would have looked good next to a bunch of landscapes and lighthouses anyway (Thanks Steph!). So, the next event is Open Studios and that should be good since I’m not about to deny my own art from my studio! The piece I worked on today was just a simple sketch I loved the positive/negative with the pen drawing versus the watercolor washes as well as the soft gradations against the harsh pen lines. Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Forty-Eight

Today’s project was relaxing, not too much to say though kinda tired. I’ll try to be a bit more chatty tomorrow. On a side note I found out that none of the pieces I submitted to the artist festival were accepted. Kinda bummed out but as I keep telling myself and others keep reminding me it’s onto the next project. On the upside I have a few works ready to go for the next thing. See you tomorrow!

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Day Forty-Seven!

Today has been a great day, I went to the gym at 6:45 in the morning, and was very impressed with myself. When I got home I had a chance to work on an image before work. I have been creating all of these watercolor images which I totally love but eventually I need to amp them up  a bit. There seems to always be a pop feature missing. Anyway, I’m delighted to be posting earlier in the day and not be panicking at 10pm. For those of you who know me or read this regularly, I am going crazy, I submitted some works into my first juried show outside of college and I find out today or tomorrow whether I got any of them in… fingers crossed!

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Day Forty-six!

So I have no idea why, but people started liking this again, which was really inspiring and today when I went to clean the studio I actually started working on a plate. Crazy  I know, it’s been like 3-4 months since I have even touched copper, but I was inspired! When I got home I did my drawing for the night which is above. I kinda love it. What isn’t show is that I added a bit of a pop once I stared at it for a while so there is now some punches of color scattered throughout. Anyway thanks for the encouragement and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Day Forty-five!

Milestone! only 5 more to go to 50, I can’t believe I have almost made 50 drawings in 50 days. Today’s image was nice and relaxing but it feels very incomplete, so I apologize. Anyway, I’m hopefully going to the studio tomorrow and actually going to try and print! We shall see, this could be exciting though! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Day Forty-Four

Today was a good drawing day, although they were once again in my sketch book. I’ve prepped for tomorrow by doing some washes on some black drawing sheets. The lines of the notebook are somewhat annoying although my journal currently has some of the most wonderful graphics scattered throughout. Anyway, I was able to just go to Starbucks before work and work on this and tomorrow before work I hope to do the same except at a different cafe. I’m meeting my friend SAM (hope you read this!) and we are working out at 7:00 AM pretty gross but I know I’ll be happy after. On another note, I submitted some of my prints into a juried show, fingers crossed they get accepted! Have a goodnight, see you tomorrow!

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Day Forty-Three

Today was inspired by everything wonderful. It started with a beautiful day consisting of  bike rides, strawberries, sketching at the park and amazing music. I finally found the song I have been obsessed with for the past week, Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks and from there I found a few more M83- Midnight City and Imagine Dragons- It’s Time, to name a few. This image started at the park and was later completed back at the house on the back porch. See you tomorrow!

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Day Forty-two

Not too much tonight, just a simple drawing. Spending the evening enjoying the wonderful weather and bevys on the back porch! See you tomorrow!


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Day Forty-One

Similar project today as yesterday, acrylic and pen. I love parts of this color combination. As many times as I see the bright green with either a pink or red it never gets old for me. It’s the only color combination I have ever felt attached to. Anyway, I have still been basing my initial shapes off of images from the cape and then altering to a more abstract form. Tomorrow looks like it may be a great day. See you then!

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