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3″ x 3″ – POST #2


It’s weird what you end up painting when  you don’t really have direction. Your mind just jumps around between things you know, techniques you are familiar with, imagery that surrounds you and on occasion that brilliant moment of true creativity. The images below are examples of one or more of those ideas listed above. Fury critters wrapped in bold statements and color washes defined by a few hard lines.


© 2015 Calla Grace Fogarty


The Orb – color washes pushed this image into a more defined image. Still abstract and loose the solidity of the orb brings a really nice contract to the background



© 2015 Calla Grace Fogarty


Oh Look it’s a Squirrel – No one should ever be surprised when a fury critter makes it into my imagery. I wont lie that hook arm makes me mental but these are just small paintings that are meant for me and who ever stumbles upon them. So in that light I will embrace the hook arm and move on.

Enjoy and see you next time!

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Three Hundred and Fifty-Eight!

Tackled this again, I wanted to integrate it into an image with multiple panels. I know it is very similar to the others but none are the same. Some of the color combos within this image are really inspiring. I am looking forward to utilizing them in future works. When I work with watercolors I always find it hard to make certain colors but these type of images are opening up more and more colors every time. Enjoy and see you next time!


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Three Hundred and Two!

Doodles that start at work are sometimes exactly what you need to get ideas flowing. They serve as a mindless drawing and once you tune in may develop into something more. I really enjoy the elements that make up this drawing. The combination of pen, highlighter and paint make for an interesting variation. The colors are of course somewhat limited to what was available but even that serves as a great learning point. Please let me know your thoughts. Enjoy and see you next time!


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Two Hundred Eight

photo 3

photo 4

part number two, this image is a continuation from Two Hundred and Seven. Interesting to see how they develop image to image. Loving the contrast of the painted imagery and collage imagery. Also, the incorporation of words, or entries is really exciting and somewhat embarrassing!

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Day Forty-Nine!

Today was one of those days where my entire goal of the day was to get outside and what ends up happening is at 7:50pm I realize I still have not managed to actually enjoy the day outside. I mean I was busy with work and the gym and this drawing but now well I guess the time has come to finally sit on the back porch and indulge (in Thai food and Vino). As I said yesterday or maybe it was the day before, everything seems to blend together, I did not get any pieces into the Cohasset Art Fair, but I think I have come to terms with it. I don’t think my work would have looked good next to a bunch of landscapes and lighthouses anyway (Thanks Steph!). So, the next event is Open Studios and that should be good since I’m not about to deny my own art from my studio! The piece I worked on today was just a simple sketch I loved the positive/negative with the pen drawing versus the watercolor washes as well as the soft gradations against the harsh pen lines. Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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