Day fifty-seven!

Photo I took at Halibut Point…

So I apologize for not getting this up yesterday, but my husband and I took a somewhat spur of the moment overnight adventure to Gloucester and Rockport MA. It was amazing for those who are unfamiliar with the area. I myself had no memory of either place, although I’m sure at sometime during my youth I was there. I’ve always had an obsession with seaside towns and the fishing industry, which is why I always wanted to visit Gloucester. Rockport is an artist hub and there is so much to take in there. We actually didn’t do as much Gallery hopping as I would have liked too but we did get to walk around Halibut Point which was beautiful and the inspiration for yesterdays drawing as well as todays. All I can say is I loved both of these areas and they have given me a new found love for the North Shore, which for anyone who knows me I’m a true South Shore kinda gal. I’ll be going back to do a bit more exploring! Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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