Two Hundred Thirty

Look at that another milestone or should I say a round number. Never thought I would paint tonight, I have been tired for days and of course that’s when I feel like painting. Plus my husband dragged me to the gym tonight, which I’m now happy he did but originally I could think of like 57 other things I would rather be doing. Needless to say an hour at the gym made for a great state of mind and a new found energy. Oh and I tried the Jacobs ladder thing at the gym… its amazing. The image below began as a pencil drawing of a cropped section of a messy blanket and well it took a turn into my imagination by the end, no surprise there. I’m very content with it since there was no major stress and I like that it doesn’t feel as tight or constricted as some of my other work. Anyway, it is officially time for me to retire to my bed so goodnight and enjoy. See you next time.

photo 1

Funny how your mind imagines what else this might be…. what do you see?

photo 2

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